Fire­fight­ers to pay homage to the late David Wintz

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA -

DOYLESTOWN — The Bris­tol Fire Com­pany (Sta­tion 51) and the Bucks County Fire Chief’s and Fire­fighWHr’s AssRFLDWLRn wLOO SDy WrLEuWH to the late Bris­tol Fire Po­lice Cap­tain DDYLd WLnWz, whR dLHd Ln WhH OLnH Rf duWy whLOH dLrHFWLng WrDf­fiF durLng D WhrHH-DODrP EODzH DW DRw &hHPLFDO’s Rohm & Haas Bris­tol plant in May.

7hH WrLEuWH WDNHs SODFH durLng WhH HLghWh Dn­nuDO BuFNs &RunWy )DOOHn )LrH­fighWHrs MHPRrLDO SHrYLFH EHgLn­nLng DW 10 D.P. Rn SundDy, SHSW. 30 DW the Bucks County Court­house, lo­catHd DW 55 (. &RurW SW. Ln DRyOHsWRwn.

WLnWz — whR sHrYHd Ds D firH­fighWHr fRr 50 yHDrs — dLHd Rf D hHDrW DWWDFN shRrWOy DfWHr OHDYLng WhH sFHnH Rf WhH firH DfWHr hH EHFDPH LOO. (PHrgHnFy rHsSRndHrs frRP BrLsWRO )LrH Com­pany ar­rived at Wintz’s home WR Wry WR rHYLYH hLP, EuW wHrH un­suFcess­ful.

WLnWz’s nDPH wLOO EH Dd­dHd WR D memo­rial lo­cated in the court­yard of the Bucks County Court­house. 7hH FHrHPRny SDys hRPDgH WR WhH 23 BuFNs &RunWy firH­fighWHrs Dnd firH SROLFH Rf­fiFHrs whR hDYH gLYHn WhHLr OLYHs whLOH SrRWHFWLng Dnd sHrYLng oth­ers since 1915.

“DDYH WLnWz wDs dHYRWHd WR hLs FRPPunLWy Dnd wDs dHdLFDWHd WR PDNLng LW D sDfHr SODFH WR OLYH WhrRugh his half-cen­tury of vol­un­teerism as a firH­fighWHr,” BrLsWRO )LrH &RPSDny &hLHf HHrE SODFN sDLd. “WH DrH HxWrHPHOy grDWH­fuO WhH BuFNs &RunWy )LrH &hLHf’s Dnd )LrH­fighWHr’s AssRFLDWLRn wLOO rHFRgnLzH DDYH’s hDrd wRrN, sHOflHss DWWLWudH Dnd FRPPLWPHnW, Dnd WhDW hH gDYH hLs OLfH Ln WhH OLnH Rf duWy.”

)Rr PRrH Ln­fRrPDWLRn DERuW WhH BuFNs &RunWy )DOOHn )LrH­fighWHrs Memo­rial Ser­vice, contact the Bris­tol Fire Com­pany at 215-T85-19T5.

The Bris­tol Fire Com­pany is lo­cated at 198 Wood St. in Bris­tol. Sta­tion 51 Ls DOwDys LnWHrHsWHd Ln FRPPunLWy PHPEHrs whR DrH LnWHrHsWHd Ln MRLnLng WhH DOO-YROunWHHr dHSDrWPHnW. ,f yRu DrH LnWHrHsWHd Ln MRLnLng Rr wRuOd OLNH PRrH Ln­fRrPDWLRn DERuW WhH dH­part­ment’s ser­vices, call 215-T851975 Rr YLsLW www.ErLsWRO51.FRP.

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