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The Advance of Bucks County - - WORD ON THE STREET - Ge­orge Robin­son

Last Satur­day was the per­fect day to hang up my new of­fiFH VLJn, D JLIW IrRP Prince­ton reader Lu­cile Sil­vester. Har­vest Day in Yardley was the rea­son for hang­ing Lu­cile’s hand-let­tered notice.

Even if the only ap­point­ment I had was a visit from my cat Aleck, Yardley’s spe­cial day was a must date to keep. Sorry, Aleck, gone to town.

In dark green let­ters against a lighter green back­ground, Lu­cile’s sign reads: “I am lost. I’ve gone to look for my­self. If I should re­turn be­fore I get back, please ask me to wait.”

I looked for my­self at Yardley’s Har­vest Day, and sure enough, there I was, as if 43 years had slipped silently past since that YHry firVW VWrRll DPRnJ WhH hDSSy FrRwG Rn tree-lined bor­ough side­walks, as if I had stepped back in time to the way it might hDYH EHHn Rn WhDW firVW HDrYHVW DDy Ln 1969.

Last Satur­day was a call­back to the be­gin­ning, if you don’t mind me throw­ing in a lit­tle nos­tal­gia, as we hoofed it on Canal Street again, then a left on East CRl­lHJH AYHnuH WR finG PRrH food, ven­dors, artists, fruits, pies, and yum­mies, all the things that are good for you and good for Har­vest Day on one bril­liantly call Septem­ber day of meet­ing friends and neigh­bors and even strangers that be­came all of the above: The same rea­sons the bor­ough has drawn crowds to this home­town get-to­gether for all those years.

The change has been grad­ual, you un­der­stand, al­most un­no­tice­able. Not that long ago, the food court was in the park­ing area be­tween Canal Street and be­hind WaWa and The sault be­fore it was the PNB Bank and more re­cently Bank of Amer­ica. The only change this past Satur­day was the at­trac­tions were nes­tled along Canal Street, blend­ing into more eye candy on East Col­lege Av­enue where even more ven­dor tables at­tracted a parade of foot WrDI­fiF FRnWLnuLnJ Dll WhH wDy WR DnG HnGLnJ at River Road.

Mem­o­ries have al­ways worked over­time when it comes to Har­vest Day. Does any- one re­mem­ber the year there was a small cer­ris wheel that made gen­tle cir­cles to the squeals and ex­cite­ment of the chil­dren, all in plain sight of the crowds brows­ing along seek­ing more trea­sures on Canal Street?

And there was that year in the 1980’s when Bat­man, sans Robin, made an ap­pear­ance, wav­ing to ad­mir­ers young and old from the pas­sen­ger seat of the sleek stream­lined black Batmobile used in the old Ts se­ries and parked just off Canal Street. Any­body re­mem­ber the bees that at­tacked the cot­ton candy ma­chine and scat­tered Har­vest Day vis­i­tors in the early 90’s?

Last year Har­vest Day was moved to Afton Av­enue with ven­dors set­ting up their booths along Lake Afton, and con­tin­u­ing through Buttonwood Park. Last Satur­day was the re­treat back to its orig­i­nal site be­cause of a street de­vel­op­ment project and on­go­ing con­struc­tion. I’m sure Har­vest Day will re­turn to the new site once con­struc­tion has been com­pleted and earth mov­ing ma­chin­ery has moved on to an­other as­sign­ment.

Even the Yardley ducks and geese that pop­u­lated the lake area sur­ren­dered to the work­men and re­treated to a qui­eter, more serene place.

And like our feath­ered friends, we also picked up our tables and re­treated. But wasn’t it fun be­ing in the mid­dle of town DJDLn, lLNH D rHWurn WR WhRVH firVW HDrYHVW Days?

Su­san Tay­lor thought this year’s crowd was even larger than other Har­vest Days. Point­ing from her ta­ble on East Col­lege Av­enue to the sea of peo­ple strolling and brows­ing and pass­ing by on their way up from the river, she ven­tured an ex­pla­na­tion: “We have such nice weather!”

Some of the strollers who were sched­uled to work last Satur­day told me they picked their days off early in the year so they wouldn’t miss Har­vest Day. That’s what Laura, a bank teller, did, and then she passed a booth on Canal Street with her bank’s name on it.

A man with a big wel­com­ing smile handed me a Rotary Club card and wel­comed me to an up­com­ing func­tion. That’s just the way it is and how it should be on Har­vest Day.

Aim­less wan­der­ing is fun. Try it. You’ll like it.


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