The Advance of Bucks County - - POLICE REPORTS - The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion is pro­vIDED By tHE Up­pEr MDNE­fiElD Po­lice Depart­ment:

Wed­nes­day, Sept. 19

BrRdLARY - Po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing a EuUgOaUy WhaW RFFuUUeG aW a hRuVe Rn MW. EyUe 5RaG EeWween 7ayORUVYLOOe anG :aONeU URaGV. PROLFe VaLG the home­owner re­turned home to en­counter a man ex­it­ing the drive- way Ln an ROGeU PRGeO whLWe Ye­hLFOe. The man told the home­owner that he haG SuOOeG LnWR Whe wURng GULYe­way. He LV GeVFULEeG aV Ln hLV 30V wLWh a VTuaUeG EaEy IaFe, EURaG VhRuOGeUV and wear­ing a red hat. Po­lice said when Whe wRPan enWeUeG heU hRPe, she found the home had been ran- VaFNeG anG nuPeURuV LWePV RI YaOue miss­ing. It is un­clear whether the Pan enFRunWeUeG Ln Whe GULYe­way waV UeVSRnVLEOe IRU Whe EuUgOaUy, EuW SROLFe VaLG Whey wRuOG OLNe WR VSeaN wLWh hLP. PROLFe aUe aVNLng anyRne with in­for­ma­tion to contact them at 215-968-3020.

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