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Al­co­holics Anony­mous, pun­days, 3 p.m. Tcur­tis@tren­ Liven­grin Coun­sel­ing Cen­ter, 4833 Hul­meville Rd. BEN­SALEM

Bris­tol Bor­ough Ac­tive Adult Cen­ter, Com­puter Classes; Line Danc­ing, Mon­days, NM:NR a.m., A3; Tap Danc­ing, Mon­days, NO:3M p.m.; Art Classes, Tuesdays; Bingo, cri­days, NO p.m.; Cro­chet and Knit­ting Group, Wed­nes­days, NO:3M p.m.; Ir­ish Dance, Wed­nes­days, N p.m.; Tai Chi, cri­days, NM:3M a.m.; Gen­eral Mem­ber­ship Meet­ings, third Wed­nes­days, NO:3M p.m. ONR-T88-9O38. 3MN Wood pt. BRIS­TOL

Bris­tol Bor­ough Community Part­ner­ship, sec­ond Wed­nes­days, 4:3M p.m. ONR-T8N-SSMO, ext. NMN or www. bb­com­mu­ni­ty­part­ner­ or lvasso@fs­ Mar­garet R. Grundy Memo­rial Li­brary, S8M Rad­cliffe pt. BRIS­TOL

Bris­tol Town­ship Se­nior Cen­ter, lct. OR, Com­put­ers 9 to NN a.m., Line Danc­ing 9:4R to NN:NR a.m., Ge­neal­ogy NO to O p.m., Tai Chi NO p.m.; lct. OS, pi­lent Auc­tion NM a.m. to 3 p.m., Bingo NO to O p.m., Ball­room Danc­ing T:3M to NM:3M p.m.; lct. OT, Har­vest cair and Best of Bucks Auc­tion NM a.m.; lct. O9, Wood­carv­ing 9 to NN a.m., Line Danc­ing 9:4R to NN:NR a.m., Com­put­ers, 9 to NN a.m., Needle­point 9 to NN:3M a.m., Arthri­tis Ex­er­cise Pro­gram NO p.m.; lct. 3M, Medi­care coun­sel­ing – call county for ap­point­ment at OST-88M-RTMM - NM a.m. to NO p.m., Evening Bingo kitchen opens R:3M p.m. Early Bird ppe­cials S:4R p.m. fol­lowed by reg­u­lar Bingo; lct. 3N, Bowl­ing Bris­tol Pike Lanes (Route N3) NN a.m. all are wel­come to join contact Al Rit­ter ONR-T8R-S3OO. ORMN Bath Rd. BRIS­TOL

Bucks County Al­ter­na­tive Bowl­ing League, Mon­days, S:NR p.m. 9M8-3M3-R8RM or­ter­na­tive­bowl­ or Brunswick Zone ;L, NMM E. ptreet Road. FEASTERVILLE

Bucks County Com­mit­tee for In­ter­ra­cial Har­mony, first Mon­days, T p.m. Natkaye@star­ Pennswood Vil­lage, New­town-Langhorne Rd. NEW­TOWN

Cre­ative Hands in Community, Amer­i­can pew­ing Guild, fourth Mon­days, NM a.m. to NO p.m., Ben­salem Li­brary, Hul­meville Rd. BEN­SALEM

Delaware Val­ley Viet­nam Vet­er­ans, first Wed­nes­days. ONR-949-O49M. 8MM Coates Ave. BRIS­TOL

Falls Town­ship Se­nior Cen­ter, Low-Im­pact Ex­er­cise, Mon­days and cri­days, NM a.m., AO; Bingo, Mon­days, S:NR p.m., Wed­nes­days, NO:NR p.m.; Mem­ory Book Mak­ing, Tuesdays, 9 a.m.; T’ai Chi,Tuesdays, NM a.m.; Thrift ptore, Wed­nes­days, 9 a.m. to O p.m.; Mem­ber­ship Meet­ings, Wed­nes­days, NM a.m.; Wii Bowl­ing, Thursdays, 9:3M a.m.; Coun­try Line Danc­ing, Wed­nes­days, T p.m.; Lunch, Mon­day, Tues­day, Thurs­day and cri­day, noon, Wed­nes­day, NN:3M a.m. ONR-R4T-SRS3. O8O Tren­ton Road. FAIR­LESS HILLS

Fly­ing Solo, for sep­a­rated or di­vorced in­di­vid­u­als, Wed­nes­days, T:3M p.m. ONR-9S8-38SN or­town­­ing_­solo. New­town Pres­by­te­rian Church, Et­tenger Hall. NEW­TOWN

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