Sweet Potato Latkes

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• 2 swHHt SotD­toHs, SHHOHG DnG shrHGGHG • 2 HJJs, OLJhtOy EHDtHn • 1 tDEOHsSoon Erown suJDr • 2 tDEOHsSoons DOO-SurSosH flour • 2 tHDsSoons JrounG FOovHs • 2 tHDsSoons JrounG FLn­nDPon • 1/4 FuS vHJHtDEOH oLO Ior IryLnJ

Place sweet pota­toes in a colan­der. Place cheese­cloth over the pota­toes, and squeeze the pota­toes to re­lease as much liq­uid as pos­si­ble. Let the pota­toes sit to re­lease more liq­uid, then squeeze again.

fn a large bowl, com­bine sweet pota­toes, HJJs, Erown suJDr, flour, FOovHs DnG FLn­nDPon; PLx wHOO. HHDt oLO Ln ODrJH hHDvy skLOOHt to 375 de­grees. Form mix­ture into pan­cake size cakes, DnG Iry Ln hot oLO. FOLS FDkHs DItHr 2 to 3 PLnutHs (whHn Eot­toP Ls ErownHG) DnG Erown othHr side. Drain on pa­per tow­els, and serve pip­ing hot!

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