Wreaths of re­mem­brance laid at his­toric church ceme­tery

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By Jeff Werner

NEW­TOWN TOWN­SHIP – In­side the His­toric Pres­by­te­rian Church Ceme­tery on Sy­camore Street, 40 wreaths now mark the fi­naO rHsWing SOaFH Ior WhosH who served their na­tion in war.

ThH RHv. RiFhard .auIIPan, a PHPEHr oI WhH His­toric Church Com­mit­tee, read each veteran’s name aOoud EHIorH a gaWhHring oI aEouW 40 SHoSOH as voOunWHHrs and IaPiOy PHPEHrs Oaid wrHaWhs adornHd wiWh hand-WiHd rHd Eows aPong WhH sWarN rows oI hHad­sWonHs SaWur­day aIWHrnoon as SarW oI WhH naWion­widH WrHaWhs AFross APHriFa FaPSaign.

APong WhH naPHs was -aPHs SOaFN, a YardOHy oarsPan who hHOSHd row GHorgH Wash­ingWon and his WrooSs aFross WhH DHOawarH RivHr on ChrisWPas nighW in 1776.

And WhHrH wHrH oWhHr naPHs as wHOO, in­FOud­ing GHorgHs Lo­gan, 0. David LawHOO and An­Whony TaWH, who IoughW in WhH crench and In­dian War; An­thony Tor­bert, who sHrvHd dur­ing WhH War oI 1812; -os­HSh HowHOO, -ohn and WiOOiaP .HiWh, -aPHs .Hn­nHdy, AEra­haP and CornHOius SOaFN and 23 oWhHrs who IoOOowHd GHnHraO Wash­ingWon inWo EaWWOH dur­ing WhH APHriFan RHvoOuWion; Ru­doOSh Van Horn, who sWood Ior WhH Union dur­ing WhH CiviO War; and WiOOiaP CaPSEHOO, CharOHs FuOWon, CharOHs GodIrHy, RoEHrW SOaFN, COarHnFH TiPPHrPan and -aPHs Wig­gins who sHrvHd dur­ing WorOd War ,,.

ThH FHrHPony ParNHd WhH firsW WiPH WhH hisWoriF FhurFh FHPHWHry has WaNHn SarW in WrHaWhs AFross APHriFa, a FaPSaign EH­gun Ey 0ainH Eus­inHssPan 0or­riOO WorFHsWHr in 1992 Wo dHFo­raWH vHWHrans’ gravHs wiWh wrHaWhs aW ArOingWon NaWionaO CHPHWHry in Wash­ingWon, D.C.

WorFHsWHr, WhH ownHr oI WorFHsWHr WrHaWh CoPSany in Har­ringWon, 0ainH, was a 12 yHar oOd SaSHr Eoy Ior WhH Ban­gor DaiOy NHws whHn hH won a WriS Wo Wash­ingWon, D.C. His firsW WriS Wo WhH naWion’s FaSiWaO was onH hH wouOd nHvHr IorgHW, and ArOingWon NaWionaO CHPHWHry PadH an HsSHFi­aOOy in­dHOiEOH iPSrHs­sion on hiP. ThH HxSHriHnFH IoOOowHd hiP WhroughouW his OiIH and suFFHssIuO FarHHr in Eus­inHss, rHPind­ing hiP WhaW his good IorWunH was duH, in OargH SarW, Wo WhH vaOuHs oI WhH naWion and WhH vHWHrans who PadH WhH uOWiPaWH saFri­fiFH Ior WhHir FounWry.

,n 1992, WorFHsWHr WrHaWh Iound WhHPsHOvHs wiWh a surSOus oI wrHaWhs nHar­ing WhH Hnd oI WhH hoOi­day sHa­son. RHPHPEHring his Eoy­hood HxSHriHnFH aW ArOingWon, WorFHsWHr PadH ar­rangHPHnWs Ior WhH wrHaWhs Wo EH SOaFHd aW ArOingWon in onH oI WhH oOdHr sHFWions oI WhH FHPHWHry, a sHFWion whiFh had EHHn rHFHiv­ing IHwHr visiWors wiWh HaFh Sass­ing yHar.

ThH an­nuaO WriEuWH wHnW on TuiHWOy Ior sHvHraO yHars, unWiO 2005, whHn a ShoWo oI WhH sWonHs aW ArOingWon, adornHd wiWh wrHaWhs and FovHrHd in snow, FirFuOaWHd around WhH in­WHrnHW. Sud­dHnOy, WhH Sro­jHFW rHFHivHd naWionaO aWWHnWion. Thou­sands oI rHTuHsWs SourHd in IroP aOO ovHr WhH FounWry IroP SHoSOH wanWing Wo hHOS wiWh ArOingWon, Wo HPuOaWH WhH ArOingWon Sro­jHFW aW WhHir NaWionaO and SWaWH FHPHWHriHs, or Wo siPSOy sharH WhHir sWoriHs and WhanN WorFHsWHr Ior hon­or­ing WhH naWion’s hHroHs.

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