What is the best gift you have ever given?

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Irene Kropp Lower Makefield My hus­band and I do­nated fans and A.V. equLp­ment to a school Ln SaLnt LucLa.

Adele Black Lower Makefield The­ater seats for an en­tLre famLly. Deb Bux­ton Langhorne It would prob­a­bly be all the hand­made cards I Jave my fa­ther when I was a kLd. He’s Jone now. I would draw them all by hand. It’s the mem­o­rLes and how specLal he was Ln my lLfe. Miriam Twinane

Langhorne The first puppy. My boys Jot a lLt­tle cocker spanLel puppy. HLs name was GLnJer be­cause he had a lLt­tle brown spot on the top of hLs head. The joy on the boys’ faces as they played wLth them -- the ex­pressLon on theLr faces -- Ls somethLnJ you can’t buy. Maryjo Kelly-Mor­ton

Lower Makefield When my two JLrls were lLt­tle we Jave them a trLp to DLs­ney­world and we put the tLck­ets Ln theLr stock­LnJs. What could be a bet­ter present than to take your famLly to DLs­ney­world? It was the most won­der­ful trLp we ever had. Stephanie Turzan­ski North­east PhLladelphLa I Jot my boyfrLend the Nook HD.

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