Blaz­ing Dragons fired up over 2013

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By Jeff Werner

UP­PER MAKEFIELD - It Pay Ee the year oI the snaNe on the Chi­nese caOenGar, Eut it wiOO Ee the Gragons that wiOO Ee PaNing a Eig sSOash on the DeOaware River in 2013.

Be­gin­ning in ASriO, Gragon Eoat sea­son gets unGer way as the SoSuOar­ity oI the teaP aPa­teur water sSort, which traces its roots to an­cient China, SaGGOes to a new high here as the 70-PePEer, reEranGeG BucNs County BOaz­ing Dragons taNe to the water unGer the Ean­ner oI the BucNs County Dragon Boat As­so­ci­a­tion.

Last weeN, the BOaz­ing Dragons weO­coPeG the ar­rivaO oI its new 41-Ioot-Oong fiEergOass Gragon Eoat, shiSSeG in IroP CanaGa to USSer MaNe­fieOG aIter Ee­ing sSe­ci­aOOy EuiOt Ior the teaP in GerPany.

“It’s wonGerIuO to fi­naOOy have this ar­rive,” saiG teaP PePEer -acTueOyn Wet­zeO, who heOSeG un­wraS the Chi­nese Gragon heaG anG taiO that wiOO Gec­o­rate the Eoat Gur­ing coPSe­ti­tion. “We’re aOO very SrouG. AnG he’s IaEuOous, gor­geous. We Oove hiP,” she saiG oI the Gragon heaG.

The as­so­ci­a­tion’s three teaPs - BOaz­ing Dragons Fury (woPen’s teaP), BOaz­ing Dragons Fire (PixeG teaP) anG BOaz­ing Dragons Fierce (coPPu­nity teaP) - wiOO use the Eoat Gur­ing its aPEi­tious coPSe­ti­tion year aheaG. Each teaP is PaGe uS oI 22 PePEers, in­cOuGing 20 SaGGOers, a GruP­Per anG a steerSer­son.

In aGGi­tion, the as­so­ci­a­tion wiOO Ee rent­ing its Eoat to teaP “A Love For LiIe” in New­town Bor­ough, IounGeG in PePory oI Kevin EGPonGs who “taught us to Oove OiIe anG ePErace each Gay.” EGPonGs GieG oI San­cre­atic can­cer, Eut his PePory is Ee­ing NeSt aOive Ey the teaP, which raises IunGs to fight the Gisease whiOe hav­ing Iun anG en­joy­ing OiIe.

In NeeSing with traGi­tion, the BOaz­ing Dragons wiOO “awa­Nen the Gragon” Gur­ing an eye-Got­ting cerePony on March 30 Eegin­ning at 12 S.P. at Pav­iOion 11 at Core CreeN ParN in MiGGOe­town Town­shiS. The SuEOic is in­viteG to at­tenG.

“The eyes are not Got­teG. You have to have a Chi­nese Sri­est coPe to Got the eyes. It awaNens the Gragon anG Er­ings gooG OucN. II you Gon’t have it

Show­ing off the head and tail of their new dragon boat are, from left, Laura Kent, Lau­rie McHugh, Jac­que­lyn Wet­zel and Cindy Tay­lor.

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