Let the shred­ding be­gin

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA -

NEW­TOWN - ,n re­sponse Wo Whe puEOic’s over­wheOming aWWen­dance aW Whe EanN’s pre­vi­ousOy spon­sored Iree shred­ding evenWs, The FirsW NaWionaO BanN is once again douEOing Whe doc­u­menW shred­ding ca­paciWy Wo meeW Whe puEOic’s de­mand. The doc­u­menW shred­ding evenW wiOO conWinue aW iWs new, Eig­ger venue – The BucNs CounWy Com­mu­niWy CoOOege. ,W wiOO Ee heOd on SaWur­day, ApriO 13.

“We are deOighWed Wo oIIer Whis Iree ser­vice Wo Whe com­mu­niWy and we Nnow Irom pasW ex­pe­ri­ence WhaW Whe puEOic Ooves heOp- ing proWecW Whem­seOves againsW idenWiWy WheIW Ey Ering­ing doc­u­menWs in Wo Ee per­ma­nenWOy desWroyed,” said Dan ShaIIer, Pres­i­denW & CEO oI The FirsW. “We do Whis ev­ery year and have ex­panded ca­paciWy Wo maNe Whe evenW move IasWer and Ee even more suc­cessIuO.”

Two shred­ding WrucNs wiOO Ee on hand aW Whe Com­mu­niWy CoOOege Oo­caWion oII oI Swamp Road. Signs wiOO di­recW cars once Whey enWer Whe prop­erWy. The evenW wiOO oc­cur EeWween 9 and 11 a.m. aW 275 Swamp Road in NewWown-LoW C.

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