North tak­ing tran­si­tion game to the next level

The Advance of Bucks County - - SPORTS - By John Glee­son

Coaches and play­ers alike of­ten speak of the need for a strong tran­si­tion game. The term ranges in ap­pli­ca­tion IrRP LndLYL­duDO gDPH flRw tR PRYHPHnt bHtwHHn VHD­sons. The team that tran­sitLRnV wHOO LV uVuDOOy tKH RnH that suc­ceeds.

Tay­lor Beck, se­nior cap­tain and goalie for the Coun­cil Rock North girls ODFrRVVH tHDP, NnRwV DOO about tran­si­tion. Her po­si­tion as goa­ten­der re­quires D VPRRtK VwLtFK IrRP D de­fen­sive mind­set to an of­fense ori­ented in­stinct.

First and fore­most, Tay­lor has to stop en­emy mis­siles headed for her goal, a task she rel­ishes, “The thing I like the most about play­ing goalie is the fact that it’s such a high-scor­ing sport tKDt wKHn yRu PDNH D VDYH, it’s kind of a big­ger deal than usual. I like the idea of VtRSSLng D gLrO wKRVH PDLn goal is to put the ball be­hind me. It’s ex­hil­a­rat­ing. I am a huge ice hockey fan. My IDPLOy Dnd , wDtFK KRFNHy re­li­giously and that’s one of the rea­sons I be­came a gRDOLH. ,t’V tKDt wKROH gRDOLH men­tal­ity to put your body in front of the ball just to help your team.”

Pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity com­pleted, the goalie then PuVt VwLtFK gHDrV Dnd VSDrN the of­fen­sive at­tack. “It’s a big tran­si­tion game. If you make a save, you’re right DwDy HxSHFtHd tR VtHS Rut­side your crease and start tKH SODy uS­fiHOd. , rHDOOy gHt HxFLtHd wKHn , gHt Dn DV­sist on a goal be­cause that means I made a good clear Rut Dnd KHOSHd wLtK tKH RIfense.”

The dual roles re­quire a men­tal tough­ness and a FRPSOHtH DwDrHnHVV RI tKH game. A four-year var­sity ca­reer has taught Tay­lor the most im­por­tant lessons, “Men­tally, I’ve learned that a goalie has to shake off mis­takes. My fresh­men yHDr, , rHDOOy Vtrug­gOHd wLtK let­ting in a goal. I’ve come tR NnRw tKDt yRu nHHd tR OHt Lt gR Dnd PRYH IRr­wDrd wLtK that.”

vou also have to bounce back from any seem­ingly in­evitable bashes and bruises. “To­day in prac­tice, I took a ball right to the chest. That af­fected my brHDtKLng IRr D wKLOH. ,t’V just some­thing you have to re­al­ize. vou’re go­ing to get hurt and get bruises all over the place but you have to push through it and, I guess you could say, be tough as nails.”

This year, Tay­lor needs to ap­ply her tran­si­tion game con­cept to the en­tire team. The In­di­ans en­ter the 2013 cam­paign as the reign­ing champs of the Sub­ur­ban One League (SOL) Na­tional Di­vi­sion. vet they are mis­sLng fiYH RI ODVt VHDVRn’V firVt team all-league play­ers in Kara Ma­gley, Han­nah Plap­pert, Molly Doyle, Brid­get Doyle and Kara Le. Such a dHSOHtLRn Ln PDnSRwHr rHquires some re­tool­ing.

Tay­lor feels the Rock is DdMuVtLng wHOO. “WH’rH rHally strong this year. It is a lot dif­fer­ent for the se­niors coming into this sea­son bHFDuVH wH KDd tKDt bLg grad­u­at­ing class in front RI uV. WH’rH OHDrnLng Dnd wH’rH FRPLng tRgHtKHr DV D team and as a fam­ily. Our trDnVLtLRn uS tKH fiHOd LV tKH RnH tKLng wH Vtrug­gOHd wLtK but tKDt LV PuFK bHt­tHr. WH have a cou­ple of really solid scor­ers so that is go­ing to help us in our close league games.”

The Rock also faces DdDStLng tR D nHw KHDd coach, Krista Day­tonVantresca, and her style of play. “I don’t think it is a tough ad­just­ment. She has VR PuFK NnRwOHdgH bH­cause she played at Di­vi­sion-I in col­lege. Coach DV is great. Her sys­tem is much tKH VDPH DV bHIRrH but wLtK greater em­pha­sis on tran­sitLRn Dnd wRrNLng tRgHtKHr on of­fense.”

Based on their open­inggame 12-1 de­feat of New Hope Sole­bury, the In­di­ans have ac­cli­mated quite well to any ros­ter and coach­ing al­ter­ations. North got two- goal ef­forts from Ni­cole bn­der, Katy Lehman, Tori Lyon, Laura Kwas­noski, and Tay­lor Camp­bell. Marian Schreiner and Devon Mela rounded out the vis­it­ing team’s scor­ing. Tay­lor Beck recorded six saves in goal and al­lowed only one Lions’ shot to reach the back of the net.

All told, the Rock had met their pregame ob­jec­tives, “We knew they were a pretty new pro­gram. We went in with the mind­set to play clean and get our passes down and get some pretty goals and work our sys­tem.”

From her cap­tain’s view­point, Tay­lor thought the fiUsW gDPH sKRwHG SURP- ise. “Over­all, we felt really good out there. The only thing was main­tain­ing our com­po­sure. For a lot of gLUOs, LW wDs WKHLU fiUsW gDPH on var­sity. It’s a mat­ter of be­ing calm and know­ing we can win and do what­ever we put our minds to.”

Tran­si­tion­ing from rook­ies to sea­soned vets should not take the In­di­ans long. They are al­ready off to a good start.


Rock North goal­keeper Tay­lor Beck keeps her eye on the ball.

Photo by John Glee­son

Ni­cole En­der shoots from out­side for Coun­cil Rock North.

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