Ro­tary ‘Springs into Ac­tion’ with suc­cess­ful food drive

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA -

NEW­TOWN BOROrdH – Bucks County’s needy who rely on the Pen­ndel Food Pantry WR OivH wiOO finG WhH FupERaUGs fuOOy ORaGHG WhanNs WR WhH NHwWRwn RRWaUy COuE anG WhH gHnHURus shRp­pHUs in NHwWRwn.

ThH FOuE UHFHnWOy GRnaWHG PRUH Whan 1,600 pRunGs Rf fRRG WR WhH panWUy, RpHUaWHG Ey WhH BuFNs CRunWy HRus­ing GURup fURP iWs an­nuaO spUing fRRG FROOHFWiRn GUivH.

“WhHn wH GHOivHUHG WhH fRRG, WhHy wHighHG iW as wH EURughW iW in anG wH FROOHFWHG a WRWaO Rf 1,606 pRunGs Rf fRRG. I WhinN WhaW is pUHWWy gRRG FRn­siGHUing PuFh Rf iW was FHUHaO whiFh GRHsn’W wHighW vHUy PuFh,” saiG Dan PHWHUsRn who chaired the event

“WH’vH hHOG a fRRG FROOHFWiRn WwiFH a yHaU fRU sHvHUaO yHaUs, anG WhH nHHG has nRW GiPin­ishHG. In faFW, GuH WR WhH wHaN HFRnRPy GuUing WhH pasW fHw yHaUs, WhH GHPanG fRU fRRG panWUiHs OiNH WhH PHn­nGHO FRRG PanWUy has RnOy in­FUHasHG. NHvHUWhHOHss, RuU MHPEHUs aUH aOways PRvHG Ey WhH gHnHURsiWy Rf shRp­pHUs aW WhH NHwWRwn ACME,” aGGHG PHWHUsRn

“I wanW WR WhanN aOO Rf WhH FOuE PHPEHUs whR gavH WhHiU WiPH Rn a wHHNHnG WR hHOp PaNH Whis HvHnW a suFFHss. SpHFiaO WhanNs WR WhH ACME PanagHPHnW whR aOORwHG us WR sHW up FROOHFWiRn pRinWs in fURnW Rf WhHiU NHwWRwn sWRUH. WH pOan WR FRnWinuH WR hROG siPiOaU FROOHFWiRns WwiFH a yHaU,” saiG PHWHUsRn.

ThH NHwWRwn RRWaUy COuE’s nHxW puEOiF HvHnW wiOO EH iWs An­nuaO GROf OuWing Rn MRnGay, SHpW. 23. ThH RuWing is FR-spRn­sRUHG Ey WhH NHwWRwn Bus­inHss AssRFi­aWiRn wiWh pURFHHGs HaUPaUNHG fRU PiFNHUing ManRU, WhH RnOy FRPPu­niWy-RwnHG-anG-RpHUaWHG sHniRU Oiv­ing faFiOiWy in WhH CRPPRn­wHaOWh. SpHFi­fiF GHWaiOs anG UHgisWUaWiRn aUH avaiOaEOH Rn WhH RRWaUy COuE’s wHE siWH: www.nHwWRwnURWaUy.RUg

ThH NHwWRwn RRWaUy COuE PHHWs aW ThH THPpHUanFH HRusH, 5 SRuWh SWaWH SWUHHW, NHwWRwn, HvHUy WHGnHsGay fURP 12:15 WR 1:30 p.P. FRU aGGiWiR­naO in­fRUPaWiRn visiW www.nHwWRwnURWaUy.RUg

New­town Ro­tar­i­ans Michele Knobloch and Dan Peter­son with three cart­loads of food bound for the needy at the Pen­ndel Food Pantry, a ser­vice of the Bucks County Hous­ing Group.

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