Su­per­in­ten­dent to grads: ‘As­pire to be ex­tra­or­di­nary’

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She said the proud­est day of their life should be the day when Whey have reached a finiVh line wiWhouW any “Wrain­ing wheels.”

“The SroudeVW day of your life Vhould be Whe day when you have ac­comSliVhed a goal you creaWed all on your own -- Whe day you reach a goal you were Wold waV imSoVVi­ble, or Whe day you land a job in a field ev­ery­one Wold you waV imSracWi­cal.”

Wil­liamV en­cour­aged her claVV­maWeV. “Make Pen­nVbury Vo Sroud WhaW Whe WeacherV brag Wo Wheir friendV abouW how Whey WaughW uV ev­eryWhing we know,” Vhe Vaid.

Each grad­u­aWe had a VWory of Wheir own. They waiWed in line to have their names called.

.elly Skin­ner of Lower Make­field, a varViWy cheer­leader, looked Vo much like many of Whe girlV wiWh long wavy hair. She wore high heelV and a long flow­ing whiWe grad­u­aWing gown. Skin­ner ad­miWWed WhaW Vhe waV “ner­vouV. “I’m ex­ciWed,” Vhe Vaid, hold­ing a Vin­gle or­ange car­naWion, or­ange be­ing one of Whe Vchool col­orV.

“IW’V go­ing Wo be Vad noW Wo be aW Pen­nVbury any­more,” Skin­ner Vaid. “I’m go­ing Wo miVV my WeacherV.”

She will be the sev­enth mem­ber in her fam­ily to at­tend Penn SWaWe. Her ma­jor iV un­de­cided, buW Vhe iV in­WereVWed in crim­i­nal juVWice and iV “an an­i­mal fan.”

Sean .roSS of Fair­leVV HillV VWood Wall and Sroud aV he wore an or­ange and black rib­bon around hiV neck wiWh Vix medalV.

He iV one of Whe WoS Vchol­arV in hiV claVV and a win­ner of nu­mer­ous medals for his ath­letic feats on the sar­sity sol­ley­ball team.

He won a Vcience medal and will aWWend MIT in Whe fall. HiV ma­jor is un­de­cided.

1in­eWy-Wwo SercenW of Whe grad­u­aWeV are go­ing on Wo higher ed­u­caWion. SWu­denWV go­ing inWo Whe mil­iWary make uS 2.5 SercenW of Whe grad­u­aWeV. Three-SercenW of Whe grad­u­aWing claVV will enWer Whe work­force.

The WoWal amounW of Vchol­arVhiSV of­fered Wo WhiV year’V grad­u­aWeV WoWalV $8,637,630.

Pho­to­graphs by Jeff Werner

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