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Blue Bell Place, 777 DeKalb Pike, will hold a new sup­port group for care­givers cop­ing with Alzheimer’s and re­lated mem­ory loss. The group will be led by Emily Cuff, D CHUWL­fiHG 6uSSRUW GU­RuS Fa­cil­i­ta­tor. The fol­low­ing work­shops will be­gin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. with time af­ter­ward to en­joy re­fresh­ments and continue con­ver­sa­tions. Par­tic­i­pa­tion is free and open to all – hus­bands, wives, sis­ters, broth­ers, sons, daugh­ters, neigh­bors, friends – any­one with an in­ter­est in learn­ing more about mem­ory loss. Dur­ing each work­shop, par­tic­i­pants will be in­vited to share their own per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences.

• Aug. 15 - Ac­tiv­i­ties for Per­sons with De­men­tia

• Aug. 29- Be­reave­ment: Ex­pe­ri­enc­ing Loss and Grief

• Sept. 12 – Book Fair: Use­ful Books for Fam­i­lies

• Sept. 26 – Chang­ing Roles and Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties for Cou­ples and Fam­i­lies

• Oct. 10 – Laugh­ter/ Hu­mor: Help for Be­hav­ior Prob­lems

• Oct. 24 Un­cer­tainty

To ask ques­tions or RSVP for any of the dates above, call Emily Cuff at 610-2776443.

Elkins Park Area CHADD (Chil­dren and Adults with At­ten­tion DH­fiFLW/HySHUDFWLYLWy DL­sor­der) PHHWV WKH fiUVW 7uHV­day of ev­ery month, 7 - 8:30 p.m., at Ein­stein at Elkins Park Hospi­tal in Elkins Park. For in­for­ma­tion on CHADD or ADHD, please see our web­site or call Claire Noyes at: 215-

– Cop­ing with


Par­ents of chil­dren on the Autism Spec­trum are in­vited to join a sup­port group on the sec­ond Fri­day of each month, 7 p.m. at Plains Men­non­ite Church, 50 W. Orvilla Road, Hat­fiHOd. 7hH gU­RuS gaWhHUV WR giYH and UHFHiYH HPRWiR­naO and prac­ti­cal sup­port as wHOO aV WR HxFhangH in­IRU­ma­tion, share sto­ries and be more ef­fec­tively equipped wiWh VNiOOV and in­VighWV WR par­ent chil­dren on the Autism Spec­trum. Cather­ine Schadler, M.Ed., shares her NnRwOHdgH and HxSHUWiVH around top­ics cho­sen by the gU­RuS. PaVWRU Dawn 5anFN giYHV RYHUaOO OHadHUVhiS, FRRU­d­i­naWing WhH gU­RuS and IaFiOiWaWing WhH FRnYHUVaWiRn. More in­for­ma­tion at www. SOainVPHn­nRniWHFhuUFh.RUg RU Ey FaOOing 215-362-7640.

The North Penn sisit­ing Nurse As­so­ci­a­tion’s Meals on Wheels pro­gram is look­ing for vol­un­teers to pack or de­liver meals to the el­derly and in­fiUPHd. 0HaOV aUH packed and de­liv­ered morn­ingV, 0Rn­day WhURugh FUi­day. You can vol­un­teer for as many days per week or month aV yRu wRuOd OiNH. PaFNag­ing meals re­quires ap­prox­i­mately 2-1/2 hRuUV RI yRuU WiPH HaFh day and in­YROYHV PaNing Vand­wiFhHV, SaFNag­ing IRRd inWR in­diYid­uaO VHUYing FRnWainHUV and SaFNing FRROHUV wiWh WhH PHaOV. DHOiYHUing meals re­quires ap­prox­i­mateOy 1-1/2 hRuUV RI yRuU WiPH each day and in­volves load­ing FRROHUV inWR yRuU FaU and dHOiYHUing a URuWH RI aSSURxi- PaWHOy 10 WR 15 VWRSV. 7hH 0HaOV Rn WhHHOV SURgUaP iV aOVR in nHHd RI HPHUgHnFy, win­ter-weather vol­un­teers to pack and de­liver meals in bad weather. North Penn 9NA iV ORFaWHd aW 51 0HdiFaO CaPSuV DUiYH in LanV­dale and de­liv­ers meals in the LanV­daOH, NRUWh WaOHV and Blue Bell ar­eas. For more in­for­ma­tion or to vol­un­teer, SOHaVH FaOO BUidgHW, NRUWh Penn VNA Meals on Wheels FRRU­d­i­naWRU aW 215-855-8296.

Cen­ter for Loss and Be­reave­ment, 3847 Skip­pack Pike, Skip­pack (610-2224110)­reave­ment­cen­ of­fers pro­fes­sional coun­sel­ing for in­di­vid­u­als, cou­ples, chil­dren and fam­i­lies deal­ing with is­sues of loss and be­reave­ment. Six-week aduOW VuSSRUW gURuSV: NHwOy IRUPing yRung aduOW gUiHI VuSSRUW gU­RuS – HYHUy RWhHU WHd­nHV­day, 7 – 8:15 S.P. (IUHH RI FhaUgH); 0RnWhOy ORVV RI FhiOd VuSSRUW – VHFRnd 0Rn­dayV, 7-8:15 S.P.; 6ix-wHHN yRung ORVV RI VSRuVH/SaUWnHU – 7huUV­dayV, 10-11:15 a.P.; RWhHU gURuSV VFhH­duOHd aV in­WHUHVW is shown for sui­cide loss sup­port, adult loss of par­ent, moth­HUOHVV daugh­WHUV, aduOW ORVV RI ViEOing, FRSing wiWh FhURniF ill­ness and dis­abil­ity and men’s loss of spouse. Nello’s Cor­ner Fam­ily Be­reave­ment progUaP RIIHUV SHHU gUiHI VuSSRUW gURuSV IRU agHV 4 WhURugh WHHn and WhHiU FaUHgiYHUV – EYHUy RWhHU 7uHV­day RU WHd­nHV­day (IUHH RI FhaUgH) LRFaO FhaSWHU of Par­ents of Mur­dered Chil­dren also meets at the Cen­ter. 5HgiVWUaWiRn UHquiUHd. CaOO IRU fur­ther in­for­ma­tion.

The Jewish Fed­er­a­tion of Greater Philadel­phia’s Ke- hil­lah of old York Road is spon­sor­ing a free Care­giver Sup­port Group for in­di­vid­u­als who care for an el­derly SHUVRn wiWh FRg­niWiYH and/RU ShyViFaO iPSaiUPHnWV. 7hH gU­RuS PHHWV aW 6aUahCaUH AduOW Day CaUH CHnWHU, 101 WaVhingWRn LanH, 6uiWH G-6, -HnNinWRwn, Pa., Rn WhH fiUVW Wed­nes­day of each month. PaWWy 5iFh, LiFHnVHd COiniFaO 6RFiaO WRUNHU, RI 7hH CRunVHOing IRU CaUHgiYHUV PURgUaP RI WhH AEUaPVRn CHnWHU IRU -HwiVh LiIH, OHadV the ses­sions, which are held IURP 10:30-11:30 a.P. AOO are wel­come. Respite care iV aYaiOaEOH duUing PHHWingV to fa­cil­i­tate at­ten­dance. onViWH IUHH SaUNing iV aYaiOaEOH. LighW UHIUHVhPHnWV aUH SUR­vided. For more in­for­ma­tion FaOO LynnH BaOaEan, 215-8843944.

ASSE In­ter­na­tional Stu­dent Ex­change Pro­grams (ASSE) iV VHHNing ORFaO hRVW IaPiOiHV IRU ERyV and giUOV from a va­ri­ety of coun­tries aURund WhH wRUOd. 7hHVH VWudHnWV aUH 15 WR 18 yHaUV RI agH, and aUH FRPing WR WhiV aUHa IRU WhH uSFRPing high VFhRRO yHaU RU VHPHVWHU. 7hHVH SHUVRn­able and aca­dem­i­cally se­lect HxFhangH VWudHnWV haYH gRRd EngOiVh, aUH EUighW, FuUiRuV and anx­ious to learn about the USA Ey OiYing aV SaUW RI yRuU IaPiOy, aWWHnd­ing high VFhRRO and VhaUing WhHiU Rwn FuOWuUH and Oan­guagH wiWh yRu. 7hH HxFhangH students arrive from their home coun­try shortly be­fore VFhRRO EHginV and UHWuUn aW WhH end of the school year or se­mes­ter. Each ASSE stu­dent is IuOOy in­VuUHd, EUingV hiV RU hHU Rwn SHUVR­naO VSHnd­ing PRnHy and ex­pects to bear his or her share of house­hold re­spon­si­bil­iWiHV, aV wHOO aV EHing in­FOudHd in nor­mal fam­ily ac­tiv­i­ties and OiIHVWyOHV. 7hH VWudHnWV aUH wHOO VFUHHnHd and quaOi­fiHd Ey ASSE. Fam­i­lies may se­lect WhH yRungVWHU RI WhHiU FhRiFH from ex­ten­sive stu­dent ap­pli­ca­tions, fam­ily pho­tos and biogUaShiFaO HVVayV. 7R EHFRPH a hRVW IaPiOy RU find RuW PRUH aERuW A66E and iWV SURgUaPV, SOHaVH FaOO 6uH 732-251-1517 RU 1-800-677-2773. RU YiViW uV aW www.aVVH.FRP. 7hHUH aUH hun­dreds of students to choose IURP, VR FaOO – and EH­gin WhH SURFHVV RI VHOHFWing yRuU nHw VRn RU daugh­WHU WR­day.

Gilda’s Club Delaware sal­ley 7hH RU­ga­ni­za­WiRn’V mis­sion is to pro­vide a meet­ing SOaFH whHUH SHRSOH wiWh can­cer and their fam­i­lies and friends can join oth­ers to build so­cial and emo­tional sup­port as a sup­ple­ment to med­i­cal care. FUHH RI FhaUgH and nRnSUR­fiW, GiOda’V COuE RIIHUV VuSSRUW and nHWwRUNing gURuSV, OHFWuUHV, work­shops and so­cial events in a com­fort­able, home-like VHWWing. GiOda’V COuE DHOawaUH Val­ley is lo­cated in Warmin­ster aW 200 .iUN 5Rad. 7hHiU ShRnH nuPEHU iV 215-441-3290 RU visit on the In­ter­net at www. giO­daVFOuEdHOYaO.RUg. FRU PRUH in­IRUPaWiRn, FaOO GiOda’V COuE DHOawaUH 9aOOHy aW (215) 4413290, RU YiViW WhHiU WHE ViWH aW www.giO­daVFOuEdHOYaO.RUg.

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