Community spirit brings com­fort amid tragedy

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To the Ed­i­torW

f won­der if Pete Teleha is smil­ing. His funeral, al­though hor­ren­dous in its pre­ma­tu­rity, il­lus­trated for all of us the true mean­ing of community and the many dif­fer­ent pieces it takes to make one like ours so strong.

The dev­as­ta­tion of los­ing a son, brother, grand­son, cousin, nephew and friend was jux­ta­posed with the mag­nif­i­cence of rp­per aublin com­ing to­gether at St. Alphon­sus for a ser­vice none of us will soon for­get.

The church, filled to honor this gifted, spe­cial young man, held par­ish­ioners from St. Alphon­sus; hun­dreds of con­gre­gants from Tem­ple Si­nai Ewhere his mother, Suzanne, is a part of our fam­i­lyF; students, fac­ulty and alumni from rp­per aublin High; co-eds from Hof­s­tra; and co-work­ers and friends from across the coun­try and be­yond.

At the ser­vice, Suzanne al­lowed a rel­a­tive to read her words. She spoke of Pete’s love of Legos — how he built them, de­con­structed them and then built them back again to make some­thing even bet­ter.

To­day, f don’t feel as if this un­timely, no-words-tode­scribe death will make us bet­ter. But sit­ting in that church, f know we were com­forted by the em­brace of this ex­tra­or­di­nary community. With words and song from a rabbi, a can­tor, a church choir and a pri­est, the pieces of our community will come to­gether to em­brace the Teleha fam­ily, help­ing them to be the best they can be even un­der these un­speak­able cir­cum­stances.

Each of us left with a piece of Pete’s Legos to keep in our pocket. To­day, throughout rp­per aublin, each of us keeps a piece of this ex­tra­or­di­nary young man with us, each of us re­mem­ber­ing the fragility of life and the im­por­tance of community. ves, Pete must be smil­ing. With only 2M years on this earth, he surely made a dif­fer­ence for this community. Deb­bie Al­bert

aresher fs this a pro­posed cut in jedi­care fund­ing re­sult­ing in a cut in jedi­care ser­vices? What’s to praise in re­quir­ing Catholic hos­pi­tals to choose be­tween com­pro­mis­ing their faith or clos­ing? ff the lat­ter, who makes up for the miss­ing hospi­tal beds? What’s to praise in forc­ing in­sur­ers to cover pre-ex­ist­ing con­di­tions and con­tra­cep­tives, when in­sur­ers will need to in­crease pre­mi­ums to cover the in­creased risks? lh, the gov­ern­ment will force in­sur­ers to hold rates steady? ff so, the gov­ern­ment will force in­sur­ers out of busi­ness.

There is praise for a plan your ed­i­to­rial said will of­fer me the same health cov­er­age en­joyed by our con­gress­men. That’s not true — PPACA isn’t even close to the Congress plan. Charles T. Chris­tine

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