Dresher post of­fice closes af­ter 50 years

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7he Dresher SRsW Rf­fiFe FORsed iWs doors for good Fri­day af­ter serv­ing the community for more than 50 years.

7hRse wiWh SRsW Rf­fiFe bRxes aW Whe Dresher faFiOiWy wiOO have bRxes SrR­vided at the Fort Wash­ing­ton post of­fiFe aW Whe FRrner Rf HiJhOand Av­enue and 3in­eWRwn 5Rad, Whe FORs­esW faFiO- iWy fRr WhRse seek­inJ SRsWaO serviFes.

-Rhn F. .ennedy was Sres­i­denW Rf Whe 8niWed SWaWes when Whe smaOO, Rne-man SRsW Rf­fiFe RSened in 1961, a plaque in the lobby notes, a time when Whe 8.S. 3RsWaO ServiFe was in a mRre fi­nanFi­aOOy sROvenW SRsiWiRn. 7he deFisiRn Oead­inJ WR Whe SeSW. 21 FORsure Rf Whe Dresher ORFaWiRn had mRre WR dR wiWh WhRse fi­nanFes Whan anyWhinJ eOse, aFFRrdinJ WR 0ike SORane, Rwner Rf 0erFedes-Benz Rf Fort Wash­ing­ton and land­lord for the SRsW Rf­fiFe Rn Dresh­erWRwn 5Rad.

0ark :aOsh, whR’s been be­hind Whe FRunWer aW Whe Dresher SRsW Rf­fiFe fRr 21 years, said SeSW. 18 WhaW he heard in AuJusW WhaW 0erFedes-Benz, whiFh has a SarWs and serviFe faFiOiWy nexW dRRr, wRuOd be Wak­inJ Rver Whe build­ing.

“:e made Whe SRsW Rf­fiFe FuW, Whey

xthe r.S. mostal Ser­vicez wanted to keep us open,” Walsh said, not­ing there had been talk in May or June about cut­ting the fa­cil­ity’s hours, but the de­ci­sion was made to keep the hours at 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mon­day through Fri­day and 9:30 a.m. to noon on Satur­day. “fn Au­gust Mercedes de­cided they needed the land,” he said.

Walsh said he heard Mercedes would tear the build­ing down and per­haps cre­ate more park­ing for the parts and ser­vice shop.

Sloane, who owns the land from the Mercedes parts and ser­vice build­ing to the cor­ner of aresh­er­town Road and iimekiln mike, said Sept. 19 that he didn’t ask the postal ser­vice to leave. qhe postal ser­vice made the de­ci­sion not to re­main at the site when faced with ei­ther putting on a new roof for the build­ing or hav­ing the rent in­creased to pay for needed im­prove­ment costs, he said.

qhe orig­i­nal lease for the DUHshHU SRsW RI­fiFH, EDsHG on a low rent be­cause its lo­ca­tion was con­sid­ered a “community as­set,” was signed in 1985, Sloane said. When he took own­er­ship of the land two and a half years ago, the same lease for the same amount of money was still in force on a month-tomonth ba­sis, he said.

As the land­lord, Mercedes was re­spon­si­ble for im­prove­ments to the fa­cil­ity, he said, and the build­ing needed a new roof, which “trig­gered us to talk to them about a change in the rent.”

“f went to the post­mas­ter to talk about the qual­ity of the fa­cil­ity and what it needed to make it safe,” Sloane said. qhe dealer wanted the postal ser­vice to ei­ther “par­tic­i­pate in the costs of im­prove­ments or xpay anz in­crease in rent. qhey made the de­ci­sion to va­cate the prop­erty, rather than spend the money the or­ga­ni­za­tion doesn’t have.”

Con­trary to ru­mor, Sloane said “we do not hDvH Dny sSHFL­fiF SODns right now” for the build­ing. “My guess is at some point the struc­ture would be lev­eled; the cost of im­prov­ing it is prob­a­bly not a smart in­vest­ment.”

,n WhH HDUOy 1970s, fivH car­ri­ers worked out of the aresher fa­cil­ity, but were moved to the larger Fort :DshLnJWRn SRsW RI­fiFH, which took over oper­at­ing WhH DUHshHU RI­fiFH DW WhDW time, Walsh said.

kow the en­tire op­er­a­tion will move to Fort Wash­ing­ton.

A 38-year em­ployee of the postal ser­vice, Walsh said he is be­ing re­as­signed to the Fort Wash­ing­ton post RI­fiFH.

“f don’t like it,” he said. “f would rather stay here.”

As a steady stream of cus­tomers came and went from the aresher post of­fiFH DURunG 11 D.P. SHSW. 18, sev­eral com­mented on the qual­ity of ser­vice and said they would miss it. kone, when asked, were aware of its clos­ing, de­spite a notice on one of the ex­te­rior doors.

“A lot of peo­ple don’t know,” Walsh said.

Gazette staff photo by BOB RAINES

Mark Walsh stands be­hind the counter at the Dresher post of­fice, where he has worked for 21 years.

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