Busted! Hor­rific words to tweak the hubby’s knick­ers

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Last Sun­day, in the course of dis­cussing some other mat­ter, I hap­pened to men­tion I had an ir­ra­tional dis­like of the word “trousers.” This idea of hat­ing a per­fectly good word for no par­tic­u­lar rea­son is known as a word aver­sion. So I sug­gested you peo­ple send me your word-aver­sion words, which in ret­ro­spect may have been a mis­take since I have spent the bet­ter part of last few days open­ing email lists of words you hate.

Some of you missed the “ir­ra­tional” part and sug­gested words that are mis­used or over-used, such as “ir­re­gard­less” or “par­a­digm.”

Most of you, un­sur­pris­ingly, had a pretty firm grip on “ir­ra­tional.”

► “‘Meat’ and I don’t know why. I love steak, pork, chicken. I just can’t say ‘meat.’ Yuck!”

► “An­other ter­ri­ble word is ‘spouse.’ Why? I don’t know — just is.”

► “I don’t like the word ‘folks.’ It sounds like a bunch of hicks.”

► “I hate the word ‘vomit.’ … Birds feed their young that way.”

Also: bill­fold, panties, trousers, her­nia, hem­or­rhoids, puke, fart, mu­cous, tweak, homage, lo­ca­vore, or­ganic, pink, busted, ga­loshes, hubby, knick­ers, goulash, hor­rific, en­thused, tem­per­a­ture-wise, slather, pee, al­most al­ways …

There are more, but now I’m start­ing to hate some of these words for no good rea­son, so I be­lieve we’ll just leave it at that. No more, OK?

It’s fall be­cause the quail are back. Where do they go in sum­mer?

The same places they go in spring, au­tumn and win­ter. In the sum­mer, they are most ac­tive in the early morn­ing and evening. Maybe that’s why you didn’t no­tice them.

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