Who knew? 2017 was the year of the ‘in­sane eye­brow’

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To­day’s rant and rave:

Please tell peo­ple to stop say­ing “re­ala-tor.” The word is re­al­tor.


And now on to to­day’s ques­tion:

It wasn’t too long ago that women ei­ther had pen­cil-thin eye­brows or no eye­brows at all. What’s with the big, fuzzy eye­brow trend nowa­days? Women look

like they have cater­pil­lars grow­ing out of their faces. Or maybe I’m just jeal­ous?

It’s a good thing for me that you asked. It turns out that among my many other fail­ings I have been re­miss in stay­ing up to date with eye­brow fash­ion. I blush to ad­mit it, but I didn’t even know un­til now there was such a thing as eye­brow fash­ion. I thought there were just eye­brows.

Ap­par­ently, who­ever is in charge of find­ing new ways to make women do silly things has come up with sev­eral new trends in eye­brow fash­ions.

In fact, ac­cord­ing to Elle magazine, where they keep track of such things, “2017 was the year of the in­sane eye­brow.”

For starters, con­sider the light­ning bolt eye­brow, which, ac­cord­ing to Elle, “sent shock­waves through the In­sta­gram beauty com­mu­nity in early Septem­ber.” Shock waves. Who knew?

And there is the “boxed” eye­brow, which sort of looks like a se­ries of boxshaped patches of hair arch­ing across the eye. This ap­par­ently was brought to the fash­ion fore­front by a rap­per named Big Daddy Kane.

Also mak­ing a re­cent de­but in the eye­brow world is the braided eye­brow. Per­son­ally, I find the idea of braid­ing your eye­brows to be pretty gross, bit it turns out it is just an il­lu­sion cre­ated by a makeup pen­cil and some wax.

Rainbow eye­brows, split brows, block brows and even the Nike swoosh eye­brow — they all seem to be part of great so­cial move­ment in the fa­cial hair depart­ment.

What’s next? I will try to keep you posted.

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