Chrysler Paci­fica is in­no­va­tive, pow­er­ful, greener than ever

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The 2017 Chrysler Paci­fica of­fers a va­ri­ety of new Ucon­nect ser­vices and fea­tures that ben­e­fit not only the driver, but also the en­tire fam­ily. From the all-new Ucon­nect Theater and the avail­able 7-inch full-color driver in­for­ma­tion dis­play to the easy-to-use 8.4-inch touch­screen and the ac­claimed Ucon­nect Ac­cess ser­vices, the 2017 Chrysler Paci­fica is the most tech­no­log­i­cally equipped ve­hi­cle of its kind.


Ucon­nect is trans­form­ing the pas­sen­ger pro­duc­tiv­ity and en­ter­tain­ment ex­pe­ri­ence with the all-new, class-exclusive Ucon­nect Theater rear seat en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem. With Ucon­nect Theater, pas­sen­gers can watch movies, play builtin games, con­nect per­sonal de­vices to surf the In­ter­net and stream con­tent through­out the ve­hi­cle. To quickly nav­i­gate through op­tions, pas­sen­gers can swipe through the touch­screens or use the in­cluded Blue­tooth touch­pad re­mote con­trol.

The one-of-a-kind Ucon­nect Theater in­cludes:

• Screens: Two high-def­i­ni­tion 10-inch touch­screens lo­cated on the back head­rests of the front driver and pas­sen­ger seats. In­di­vid­ual con­tent can be dis­played on each screen

• Wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity (late avail­abil­ity): Con­nect any en­abled de­vice and take ad­van­tage of eas­ier and more re­spon­si­ble ac­cess to nav­i­ga­tion, mu­sic and phone apps while you drive. The apps run on your per­sonal smart­phone, but you see them on the high-def­i­ni­tion screens and hear the au­dio via the ve­hi­cle’s speak­ers

• Built-in apps and games: To help keep pas­sen­gers en­ter­tained, Ucon­nect Theater of­fers sev­eral em­bed­ded apps and games via the 10-inch touch­screens, in­clud­ing math flash cards, check­ers, bingo and tic tac toe. With the “Are We There Yet?” app, pas­sen­gers can view the dis­tance re­main­ing to their desti­na­tion and es­ti­mated ar­rival time

• Parental con­trols: The driver can mute, turn off and lock out con­tent dis­played on each screen

• Sup­ported de­vices: Pas­sen­gers can se­lect from a va­ri­ety of de­vices to con­nect to Ucon­nect Theater, in­clud­ing smart­phones, tablets, MP3 play­ers, Ap­ple TV, BluRay/DVD, CD, gam­ing de­vices, e-read­ers, USB drives, lap­tops and dig­i­tal cam­eras

• USB ports: A USB port lo­cated in the first row cen­ter stack can be used to play movies on the Ucon­nect Theater 10-inch screens. Ad­di­tional ports in the sec­ond and third row also pro­vide charg­ing

• HDMI ports: HDMI ports are avail­able in the sec­ond row to trans­fer, charge, con­trol and shuf­fle be­tween a con­nected de­vice and the ve­hi­cle screens

• Re­mote con­trols: Two Blue­tooth touch­pad re­mote con­trols are in­cluded with the Ucon­nect Theater

• Head­phones: Ucon­nect Theater comes equipped with two sets of dig­i­tal wire­less head­phones


Safe driv­ing habits can be pro­moted and driver dis­trac­tions can be lim­ited with the avail­able KeySense pro­gram­mable key fob. Us­ing a four-digit se­cu­rity PIN pro­grammed via the Ucon­nect 8.4-inch touch­screen, an as­signed key fob places lim­its on speed and au­dio vol­ume, mutes the au­dio when front seat­belts are not buck­led, pre­vents the dis­abling of cer­tain fea­tures like For­ward Collision Warn­ing-Plus and Park- Sense rear park as­sist and al­lows block­ing of Sir­iusXM chan­nels.


The 2017 Chrysler Paci­fica fea­tures an avail­able 7-inch full-color driver in­for­ma­tion dis­play (DID), which en­ables the driver to per­son­al­ize the in­for­ma­tion dis­played in the in­stru­ment clus­ter. The

dis­play is de­signed to vis­ually com­mu­ni­cate in­for­ma­tion quickly and eas­ily, us­ing graph­ics and text.

The DID of­fers a wide range of cus­tomiza­tion op­tions, from a ba­sic dig­i­tal speed read out to more de­tailed ve­hi­cle sta­tus in­for­ma­tion, such as tire pres­sure, fuel econ­omy, au­dio, warn­ing mes­sages and turn-by-turn nav­i­ga­tion. Op­er­a­tion of the DID is in­tu­itive and clearly com­mu­ni­cated to users with easy-to-un­der­stand icons and in­struc­tions.


Three Ucon­nect sys­tems are of­fered on the all-new Chrysler Paci­fica:

Ucon­nect 5.0 – Of­fers 5-inch touch­screen, in­te­grated voice com­mand and Blue­tooth ca­pa­bil­ity, hands­free call­ing and voice text re­ply, USB and aux ca­pa­bil­ity, and a oneyear trial of Sir­iusXM All Ac­cess

Ucon­nect 8.4 – Of­fers a six-month trial sub­scrip­tion to Ucon­nect Ac­cess ser­vices, 8.4-inch touch­screen, USB and aux ca­pa­bil­ity, in­te­grated voice com­mand and Blue­tooth ca­pa­bil­ity, Sir­iusXM All Ac­cess (in­clud­ing a 12-month sub­scrip­tion), and hands­free call­ing and voice text re­ply. Ucon­nect 8.4 of­fers cus­tomers the flex­i­bil­ity to pur­chase nav­i­ga­tion after ve­hi­cle sale

Ucon­nect 8.4N – Of­fers full-fea­ture nav­i­ga­tion with one-step voice desti­na­tion en­try and 3-D land­marks, city mod­els and ter­rains; a 12-month trial sub­scrip­tion to Ucon­nect Ac­cess ser­vices; 8.4-inch touch­screen; USB and aux ca­pa­bil­ity; in­te­grated voice com­mand and Blue­tooth ca­pa­bil­ity; hands­free call­ing and voice text re­ply; Sir­iusXM All Ac­cess (in­clud­ing a 12-month sub­scrip­tion); and Sir­iusXM Travel Link and Sir­iusXM Traf­fic, both with a five-year sub­scrip­tion

The Ucon­nect 8.4 and 8.4N sys­tems also in­clude:

• Drag and Drop menu bar: FCA US ve­hi­cle own­ers now have the abil-

ity to per­son­al­ize their touch­screen con­trols to fit their life­style and have one-but­ton ac­cess to the fea­tures and ser­vices they value most. Driv­ers can sim­ply drag their fa­vorite fea­ture or ser­vice icon from the apps menu and move them to their Ucon­nect sys­tem’s main menu bar

• Siri Eyes Free: Via the voice but­ton on the steer­ing wheel and com­pat­i­ble with an Ap­ple iPhone 4s or later, with Siri Eyes Free, driv­ers can speak nat­u­ral lan­guage voice com­mands to send text mes­sages, play mu­sic, set re­minders, place phone calls and ac­cess turn-by-turn di­rec­tions

• Do Not Dis­turb: Ve­hi­cle own­ers who pre­fer not be in­ter­rupted with phone calls or text mes­sages while driv­ing can choose to turn on the “Do Not Dis­turb” and “Re­ply with Text Mes­sage” fea­ture

• Sir­iusXM Tune Start: Cus­tomers can start songs from the be­gin­ning when switch­ing be­tween their fa­vorite pre-set satel­lite ra­dio chan­nels

• Ve­hi­cle User Guide: Al­lows driv­ers to view their owner’s man­ual via the 8.4-inch touch­screen and use as a quick ref­er­ence guide for ve­hi­cle in­for­ma­tion, in­clud­ing look­ing up icons that may ap­pear in the clus­ter dis­play. The Ucon­nect and pow­er­train por­tions of the ap­pli­ca­tion are dy­namic and will only present VIN- and ve­hi­cle-spe­cific in­for­ma­tion. The con­tent also can be up­dated over-the-air so the owner in­for­ma­tion will re­main cur­rent


Ucon­nect Ac­cess of­fers a va­ri­ety of ser­vices lever­aged by a built-in data con­nec­tion:

• Ve­hi­cle Finder: With a touch of a but­ton, cus­tomers can view the lo­ca­tion of their ve­hi­cle via map, satel­lite or hy­brid views us­ing the Ve­hi­cle Finder ser­vice on the Ucon­nect Ac­cess app. Once a view is cho­sen, a prompt menu will ask to “Find Route” or “Sound Horn.” When the Find Route icon is cho­sen, cus­tomers will be prompted to se­lect a nav­i­ga­tion ap-

pli­ca­tion to route via walk or drive

• Send ‘n Go: Lo­cated within the Ucon­nect Ac­cess app, the “Send Desti­na­tion to Ve­hi­cle” ser­vice al­lows cus­tomers to send a lo­ca­tion ad­dress di­rectly to their Ucon­nect sys­tem’s large touch­screen and nav­i­gate with ease

• Re­mote lock, un­lock and start: Driv­ers can re­motely lock or un­lock their doors and start their ve­hi­cle from vir­tu­ally any­where in the U.S. by us­ing their smart­phone or com­puter

• Monthly Ve­hi­cle Health Re­port: A monthly re­port is sent to cus­tomers’ email in­form­ing them about their ve­hi­cle’s per­for­mance sta­tus. Ve­hi­cle own­ers can re­view and mon­i­tor the sta­tus of key sys­tems, in­clud­ing pow­er­train, oil and flu­ids, brakes, sus­pen­sion and safety sys­tems

• Ve­hi­cle Health Alert: Ve­hi­cle own­ers will im­me­di­ately re­ceive an email alert if one of the key pow­er­train, oil and flu­ids, brakes, sus­pen­sion or safety sys­tems re­quires at­ten­tion. Once a warn­ing light of one of these key sys­tems ap­pears in the ve­hi­cle dash­board, an alert will be sent im­me­di­ately to the ve­hi­cle owner’s email ac­count that ex­plains what the warn­ing light means, how the ve­hi­cle is af­fected and what ac­tion needs to be taken

• 9-1-1 and As­sist But­tons: Lo­cated on the rearview mir­ror, driv­ers can get con­nected to emer­gency ser­vice providers, road­side as­sis­tance dis­patch­ers and ve­hi­cle in­for­ma­tion spe­cial­ists

• Theft Alarm No­ti­fi­ca­tion: Ve­hi­cle own­ers can choose to re­ceive a text mes­sage no­ti­fi­ca­tion any time the ve­hi­cle alarm is trig­gered

• Yelp Search: Driv­ers look­ing for pop­u­lar lo­ca­tions nearby can use their voice to con­duct a Yelp search

• Voice tex­ting: With the voice tex­ting ser­vice, driv­ers can use their voice to dic­tate a freeform text mes­sage and send the mes­sage with a Blue­tooth MAP (Mes­sage Ac­cess Pro­file)-en­abled de­vice us­ing cloud­based voice recog­ni­tion

• Wi-Fi Hotspot: Ve­hi­cle own­ers can trans­form their ve­hi­cle into a Wi-Fi hotspot on-de­mand for a day, week or month so

pas­sen­gers can check e-mail or browse news sites

• Ucon­nect Ac­cess via Mo­bile: With the in­cluded five-year trial, Ucon­nect Ac­cess Via Mo­bile en­ables ve­hi­cle own­ers to use their mo­bile phone’s data plan to stream and con­trol pop­u­lar In­ter­net ra­dio apps (Aha by Har­man, iHeartRa­dio, Pan­dora and Slacker Ra­dio) via their Ucon­nect sys­tem’s steer­ing wheel con­trols and touch­screen


For those all-new 2017 Chrysler Paci­fica ve­hi­cles equipped with satel­lite ra­dio, cus­tomers re­ceive a one-year sub­scrip­tion to the Sir­iusXM All Ac­cess ser­vice, pro­vid­ing them with more than 150 chan­nels of pre­mium pro­gram­ming, in­clud­ing ev­ery NFL game, Howard Stern, ev­ery NASCAR race, Oprah Ra­dio and MLB Net­work Ra­dio, plus ac­cess to Sir­iusXM Ra­dio on smart­phone and other con­nected de­vices, as well as on­line at sir­iusxm. com.


The 2017 Chrysler Paci­fica of­fers a wide ar­ray of com­fort and con­ve­nience tech­nolo­gies, in­clud­ing Key­less En­ter ‘ n Go, re­mote start, and heated and ven­ti­lated seats. Other no­table fea­tures in­clude the seg­ment-first hands­free slid­ing doors and lift­gate, which are op­er­ated by mak­ing a kick­ing mo­tion un­der the slid­ing door or rear bumper to open or close the slid­ing doors or lift­gate.

For quick cleanup, the Stow ‘n Vac in­te­grated vac­uum, pow­ered by RIDGID, is the high­est-pow­ered in-ve­hi­cle vac­uum in the mar­ket, and is lo­cated in the C-pil­lar trim area for easy ac­cess to all cor­ners of the ve­hi­cle.

The Stow ‘ n Go seat­ing and stor­age sys­tem, a hall­mark of FCA US mini­vans for more than 10 years, has been re­designed for added ease of use, and the ad­di­tion of the all-new Stow ‘ n Go As­sist fea­ture helps to fur­ther sim­plify the process. With the press of a

but­ton on the B-pil­lar, the front seat moves for­ward to al­low the sec­ond-row seat to be stowed into the floor tub. Once the seat is stowed, press­ing the but­ton again moves the front seat back to its start­ing po­si­tion. In ad­di­tion, the Easy Tilt sec­ond-row seats al­low for easy ac­cess to the third row, even with an empty child seat in­stalled in the sec­ond row.


The Paci­fica fea­tures a so­phis­ti­cated road pres­ence, with a dy­namic stance, wind-swept pro­file and ag­gres­sive wheel-to-body pro­por­tions. With its long wheel­base, wide track and low ground clear­ance, the Chrysler Paci­fica ap­pears planted, with a ca­pa­ble stance and ath­letic pro­por­tions. Tai­lored bright­work through­out the ex­te­rior acts as a “jewel” to highlight the styling.

The Paci­fica’s windswept pro­file isn’t a façade. The re­designed mini­van boasts un­sur­passed aero­dy­namic per­for­mance, which ben­e­fits from fea­tures like un­der­body aero pan­els, aero­dy­nam­i­cally tuned wind­shield wipers and an optimized re­la­tion­ship be­tween the front glass and the roof panel.

The front of the Paci­fica fea­tures the con­tem­po­rary face of the Chrysler brand, with a sleek, flow­ing up­per and lower grille. The slim up­per grille flows seam­lessly into the head­lamps, while the Chrysler wing floats within the mesh grille tex­ture. The up­per and lower grilles fea­ture rib­bon-like chrome ac­cents that flow in con­cert for geo­met­ric bal­ance and a pre­mium ap­pear­ance. A Mo­bius chrome strip that cra­dles the avail­able LED fog lamp in­ter­twines with the fog lamp hous­ing and the lower grille.

A ro­bust sculpted hood with dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter lines leads the eye to the up­per grille and the Chrysler wing that vis­ually floats within the mesh grille tex­ture. The hood shin­gles over the up­per grille for a clean, seam­less ap­pear­ance.

The body-side sec­tions are high­lighted by an A-line that runs grace­fully from front to rear, trac­ing down­ward into the rear fas­cia to de­fine

the rear quar­ter sec­tion. The sculp­tural na­ture of the Paci­fica’s body sec­tion ties it to the Chrysler brand fam­ily. A lower sur­face char­ac­ter line, com­bined with the A-line and rear fas­cia sur­fac­ing, add to the Paci­fica’s so­phis­ti­cated, fluid-like sur­face that plays with lay­ers of light from ev­ery an­gle.

A vis­ually stretched day­light open­ing de­fines the up­per canopy and is ac­cented by a chrome sur­round, which, as it trav­els rear­ward, thins and thick­ens as if drawn with a brush. The slid­ing door track lines are hid­den un­der the rear-quar­ter side glass, re­sult­ing in a clean rear-quar­ter sur­face that’s free of tra­di­tion­ally vis­i­ble tracks.

From the rear, the Paci­fica’s dy­namic and fluid ap­pear­ance be­comes in­creas­ingly ev­i­dent, with a fast sil­hou­ette and a roof that blends into a sculpted, in­te­grated rear spoiler at the rear-most trail­ing edge. The rear-swept D-pil­lars ac­cen­tu­ate the faster side and roof pro­file, adding to the sleek dy­namic vis­ual un­com­mon in the mini­van seg­ment.

The rear lift­gate glass is vis­ually “tucked” into and off­set from the D-pil­lars, with the lift­gate glass in­te­grat­ing seam­lessly into the tail lamps for a clean and uni­fied state­ment.

Like the front fas­cia, the rear fas­cia de­liv­ers sim­plic­ity and sculp­ture, with a dra­mat­i­cally min­i­mized rear bumper shelf that helps to vis­ually unify the lift­gate and rear fas­cia. The rear fas­cia fea­tures an in­te­grated black valance panel that in­cludes rear re­flex and a bright chrome hor­i­zon­tal de­tail to vis­ually lighten the rear of the ve­hi­cle and en­hance Paci­fica’s wide stance.

Hor­i­zon­tally ori­ented tail lamps fea­ture an LED “halo sig­na­ture” with an even glow for a modern ap­pear­ance. The tail lamps are in­te­grated into the rear back­light and are ex­tended out­ward to help em­pha­size the ve­hi­cle’s width and wide track. An ath­letic spoiler adds to the mini­van’s lean stance and at­ti­tude, help­ing im­prove aero­dy­nam­ics as well.

The Paci­fica is avail­able with 17-, 18- or 20-inch wheels, which help to em­pha­size the Paci­fica’s planted stance and ath­letic pro­por­tions.

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