Post-win­ter gar­den prep


Lawns and gar­dens can bear the brunt of win­ter weather and are of­ten in need of ten­der lov­ing care by the time spring ar­rives.

Pre­par­ing a gar­den for spring and sum­mer in­volves as­sess­ing any dam­age that harsh weather might have caused. As tem­per­a­tures climb, gardeners can heed the fol­low­ing post-win­ter gar­den prepa­ra­tion tips in an ef­fort to en­sure some suc­cess­ful gar­den­ing in the months ahead.

· As­sess the dam­age. Even if win­ter was mild, gar­dens might still have suf­fered some dam­age. In­spect gar­den beds and any fenc­ing or bar­ri­ers de­signed to keep wildlife from get­ting into the gar­den. Be­fore plant­ing anew, fix any dam­age that Mother Na­ture or local wildlife might have caused over the past sev­eral months.

· Clear de­bris. Gar­den beds and sur­round­ing land­scapes that sur­vived win­ter with­out be­ing dam­aged might still be lit­tered with de­bris. Re­move fallen leaves, branches and even lit­ter that blew about on windy win­ter days be­fore plant­ing sea­son. Make sure to dis­card any de­bris ef­fec­tively so it does not find its way back into the gar­den.

· Turn the green­house into a clean house. Spring clean­ing is not just for the in­te­rior of a home. Clean­ing a green­house in ad­vance of spring can help gardeners evict any over­win­ter­ing pests that can threaten plant life once spring gar­den­ing sea­son ar­rives. A thor­ough clean­ing, which should in­clude clean­ing the inside of green­house glass and wash­ing flower pots and plant trays, also can pre­vent plant diseases from sur­viv­ing into spring.

· Check for pests. Speak with a local gar­den­ing pro­fes­sional to de­ter­mine if there are any local pests to look out for and how to rec­og­nize and re­move these pets from gar­dens. Pests may hi­ber­nate in the soil over the win­ter, and such un­wel­come vis­i­tors can make it dif­fi­cult for gar­dens to thrive come spring and sum­mer.

· As­sess plant lo­ca­tion. If plants, flow­ers or gar­dens have strug­gled in re­cent years or never grew es­pe­cially vi­brant, then gardeners may want to as­sess the lo­ca­tion of their plant life be­fore spring gar­den­ing sea­son begins. Some plants may not be get­ting enough sun­light in cer­tain lo­ca­tions on a prop­erty, while oth­ers might be over­ex­posed to the sun dur­ing spring and sum­mer. Mov­ing plants that are not thriv­ing prior to the start of spring gar­den­ing sea­son may be just what gar­dens need to flour­ish in the coming weeks.

Spring gar­den­ing sea­son is right around the cor­ner, so now is an ideal time to pre­pare gar­dens for the warmer sea­sons ahead.

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