Be­lief in Je­sus is first step trust is the key to sal­va­tion

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My friend is a strong Chris­tian, and he says I need to trust Je­sus in or­der to be saved and go to Heaven. But what does it mean to trust Je­sus? I’m not sure I un­der­stand what he means.

I’m thank­ful your friend is con­cerned about you and wants you to be­come a true Chris­tian by be­liev­ing in Je­sus and trust­ing him alone for your sal­va­tion. Per­haps he’s pointed you to one of the Bi­ble’s best-known verses (some­times called “the Gospel in a nut­shell”): “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that who­ever be­lieves in him shall not per­ish but have eter­nal life” (John 3:16).

What does it mean to trust Je­sus? Let me ex­plain it by us­ing an illustration. Sup­pose you were hik­ing one day and came to a rag­ing river. How could you get across? At first it looked hope­less; it was too deep to wade across, and you couldn’t swim it be­cause of the cur­rent.

But sup­pose you saw a bridge go­ing from one side to the other. Not only did it ap­pear sturdy, but you no­ticed oth­ers were us­ing it. How would you reach the other side?

First, you’d be­lieve the bridge could hold you. But sec­ond, you’d ac­tu­ally trust it, by putting your weight on it and com­mit­ting your life to it.

In a far deeper way, this is what it means to trust Je­sus. First, you be­lieve in him — that is, you be­lieve he is the son of God who gave his life to pay the penalty for your sins. But sec­ond, you ac­tu­ally trust him — that is, you com­mit your life to him and trust him to save you. Don’t de­lay any longer, but put your faith and trust in Christ to­day.

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