God uses faith­ful fol­low­ers of Christ in many ways

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I am 10 years old, and I would like to ask you a ques­tion: Do I have to be­come a preacher in or­der to fol­low Je­sus?

Thank you for your ques­tion — and no, you don’t have to be­come a preacher in or­der to fol­low Je­sus! If God asks you some day to be­come a preacher, I hope you’ll re­spond; there is no higher priv­i­lege (or re­spon­si­bil­ity). The Apos­tle Paul wrote, “How can they hear (the Gospel) with­out some­one preach­ing to them?” (Ro­mans 10:14).

But God uses all kinds of peo­ple in all kinds of ways to do his work. Re­mem­ber: Paul earned his liv­ing as a leather­worker; Peter and some of the other dis­ci­ples worked as fish­er­men. In other words, we can fol­low Christ and be his dis­ci­ple wher­ever we are — and God can use us wher­ever we are. We’re all dif­fer­ent, and God wants us to be faith­ful fol­low­ers of Je­sus wher­ever he puts us. He made you, and he knows ex­actly what he wants you to do with your life.

The most im­por­tant step you will ever take is to give your life to Je­sus Christ — and you can take that step to­day. God loves you, and we know this is true be­cause Je­sus Christ gave his life for us. All you need to do is tell him that you know you need to have your sins for­given, and you want to be­come his fol­lower. The Bi­ble says, “Be­lieve in the lord Je­sus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31).

Then ask God to help you fol­low Je­sus ev­ery day, in both big things and small things. Ask him to guide you, and to make you an ex­am­ple of his love to oth­ers. May God bless you.

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