New Prostate Pill Re­duces Urge to Pee Es­pe­cially Dur­ing the Night

Men in clin­i­cal tri­als see dra­matic im­prove­ments in night­time bath­room urges and an over­all im­prove­ment in sex­ual per­for­mance.

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NHS, Bos­ton MA — A new prostate pill is help­ing men across the coun­try re­gain con­trol of their blad­ders and their sex lives.

In­novus Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, the com­pany be­hind the break­through, says its key in­gre­di­ent blocks cer­tain hor­mones in the body that make your prostate grow.

As a re­sult, while tak­ing the pill, your prostate gets smaller and your symp­toms dis­ap­pear.

“Men say the first things they no­tice is wak­ing up less for the bath­room and an un­ex­pected boost in sex­ual per­for­mance” says Dr. Bas­sam Da­maj, Di­rec­tor of Sci­ence at In­novus.

“It’s why they love the prod­uct. While most prostate drugs kill your sex life, our nat­u­ral pill en­hances it. Plus, it solves all the other prob­lems. It will strengthen your stream, end your strain­ing, and re­lieve the con­stant urge to uri­nate”.

Sen­sa­tional Im­prove­ments in Uri­nary Con­trol and Per­for­mance

Sales for the new pill, which goes by the brand name ProstaGorx, are ex­plod­ing! And that’s be­cause ProstaGorx is not a drug. It’s some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. It uses nat­u­ral com­pounds to shrink your prostate and put the brakes on prostate growth. By tak­ing it daily, it helps men re­gain con­trol of their blad­ders and es­cape all of uri­nary dis­com­fort that can make life mis­er­able.

Re­verses Prostate Growth

Nu­mer­ous med­i­cal stud­ies re­veal that keep­ing your prostate healthy is vi­tal for avoid­ing ur­gent bath­room prob­lems. When your prostate is small, you pee freely, force­fully, and with­out hes­i­ta­tion. You don’t feel any pain, ur­gency or dis­com­fort. And you feel fully re­lieved every time you go.

But when your prostate swells, you ex­pe­ri­ence just the op­po­site. And end­less bat­tle with an­noy­ing en­larged prostate symp­toms that can linger for decades!

And ac­cord­ing to new stud­ies, they will. A stag­ger­ing 80% of men suf­fer with them. The most com­mon be­ing weak uri­nary streams, painful uri­na­tion, drib­bling and leak­ing, mid­dle of the night bath­room urges, in­com­plete emp­ty­ing, and the con­stant feel­ing of hav­ing to pee.

Boosts Sex­ual Per­for­mance

Ac­cord­ing to new re­search pub­lished by the Mayo Clinic, men with large prostate have less sex, lower sex drives, and con­sider more prob­lems with their erec­tions. In fact 8 out of 10 men with prostate is­sues end up suf­fer­ing with ED!

“Most men have no idea that their prostate can im­pact their sex­ual per­for­mance” says Dr. Da­maj. “The prostate gland needs to be healthy to achieve a pow­er­ful or­gasm. If its en­larged, men can ex­pe­ri­ence se­ri­ous sex­ual let downs.”

How It Works

ProstaGorx uses the same sci­ence that makes drugs like Al­pha Block­ers so ef­fec­tive but since it’s nat­u­ral it won’t give you any side ef­fects and you won’t need a pre­scrip­tion.

As you get older your body slowly con­verts your re­main­ing testos­terone into es­tro­gen through a process known as aro­matase. Over the years as more testos­terone is con­verted into es­tro­gen, your body be­comes im­bal­anced — too much es­tro­gen and too lit­tle testos­terone sig­nals your to pro­duce DHT, a growth hor­mone 10 times stronger than reg­u­lar testos­terone.

Un­for­tu­nately, in­stead of cor­rect­ing this im­bal­ance, the enor­mous spike in DHT causes your prostate to grow! As lev­els of DHT rise, your prostate only gets big­ger ... press­ing hard against your blad­der and clamp­ing your ure­thra shut! The re­sult is painful and per­sis­tent prostate prob­lems that will have you liv­ing your life around a bath­room.

ProstaGorx nat­u­rally shrinks your prostate us­ing a key nu­tri­ent that’s clin­i­cally proven to block DHT. As your lev­els of DHT be­gin to fall, your prostate gets smaller and your symp­toms van­ish.

Backed By Stun­ning Re­search

In a new land­mark study, the lead­ing in­gre­di­ent in

ProstaGorx slashed lower uri­nary tract symp­toms by a stag­ger­ing 81% and was re­ported to be as ef­fec­tive as the drug Proscar but with vir­tu­ally zero side ef­fects. And in yet an­other study “boosted prostate health by pro­mot­ing a healthy li­bido.

“Every since I re­tired my prostate has given me hell” says John Man­ning, 68, of Ohio. “But since tak­ing ProstaGorx ev­ery­thing has changed. I’ve stopped wak­ing up for the bath­room in the mid­dle of the night. I pee a lot less dur­ing the day. And when I do go, my streams are strong and there’s no hes­i­ta­tion. And out of nowhere my sex life’s im­proved! I’ve tried ev­ery­thing and this is the only thing that’s worked”.

Guar­an­teed Ef­fec­tive

ProstaGorx is an ex­cit­ing new prostate pill that’s help­ing men find real re­lief from prostate prob­lems with­out any of the neg­a­tive side ef­fects from drugs. By block­ing cer­tain hor­mones in the body that trig­ger prostate growth, ProstaGorx nat­u­rally shrinks your prostate, re­liev­ing your worst symp­toms safely.

With daily use you’ll sleep more, pee less, and have much bet­ter sex.

ProstaGorx is clin­i­cally proven to end the ur­gency and fre­quency, im­prove uri­nary flow and force, and give you an en­tirely new level of com­fort that makes life eas­ier and much more en­joy­able.

How to Get ProstaGorx in Con­necti­cut

This is the first of­fi­cial pub­lic re­lease of

ProstaGorx in Con­necti­cut. In or­der to get the word out about ProstaGorx the man­u­fac­turer, In­novus Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals is of­fer­ing spe­cial in­tro­duc­tory dis­counts to all Con­necti­cut res­i­dents.

A spe­cial phone hot­line has been set up to take ad­van­tage of deep dis­counts dur­ing this or­der­ing op­por­tu­nity. Spe­cial dis­counts will be avail­able start­ing to­day at 7:00am. The dis­counts will au­to­mat­i­cally be ap­plied to all Con­necti­cut call­ers. The Spe­cial TOLL-FREE Hot­line num­ber is 1-800-518-8340 and will be open 24-hours a day.

Only a lim­ited sup­ply of ProstaGorx is cur­rently avail­able in your re­gion. Con­sumers who miss out on our cur­rent prod­uct in­ven­tory will have to wait un­til more be­come avail­able. But this could take weeks. The maker ad­vises your best chance is to call 1-800-518-8340 early.

ProstaGorx Works: This new pill blocks hor­mones as­so­ci­ated with an en­larged prostate with­out caus­ing any neg­a­tive side-ef­fects

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