Yes, the ex­is­tence of con­cealed firearms saves lives

Re: “The pres­i­dent and U.S. gun laws,” Jan. 10 let­ters to the editor.

The Denver Post - - PERSPECTIVE -

Let­ter-writer Mar­garet Anne Spindler asks: “[H]ave we read of any­one’s life be­ing saved by some­one car­ry­ing a con­cealed weapon?”

Ev­ery is­sue of the NRA pe­ri­od­i­cal I have thumbed through con­tains sto­ries of crimes pre­vented by law-abid­ing gun own­ers.

Spindler also asks: “Did civil­ian gun own­ers stop all the mass shoot­ings in this coun­try?”

No, be­cause most, if not all, of those shoot­ings oc­curred in gun-free zones.

I am not an NRA mem­ber, but I am glad ev­ery day that lawless would-be gun crim­i­nals do not know whether I am a con­cealed-carry holder. That is how I man­age to live “free from fear of a gun end­ing our lives.”

Spindler is free to spend all of her time in gun-free zones if that makes her feel safer. I’d rather spend less time on the road.

Steve Baur, West­min­ster

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