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1. A man made a bike al­most en­tirely out of card­board. This low-cost bike was in­vented in which coun­try that in­cludes a desert called the Negev — Saudi Ara­bia or Is­rael?

2. The world’s old­est wad of chew­ing gum is 9,000 years old. Sci­en­tists dis­cov­ered this wad of chewed birch resin in which coun­try that bor­ders the Kat­te­gat strait — Es­to­nia or Swe­den?

3. Which of the fol­low­ing well-known capes is not lo­cated in the South­ern Hemi­sphere — Cape Corn­wall, Cape Horn or Cape of Good Hope?

4. Which coun­try is not crossed by the Equa­tor — Ro­ma­nia, Colom­bia or Kenya?

5. Which Cen­tral Amer­i­can coun­try lo­cated just northwest of El Salvador has 23 of­fi­cially rec­og­nized in­dige­nous lan­guages?

6. Tex­tiles and an­tiques are some of the goods sold at the suq, or open air mar­ket, in Da­m­as­cus in which east­ern Mediter­ranean coun­try?

7. Wal­lo­nia, whose cap­i­tal is the city of Na­mur, is in the French-speak­ing re­gion that makes up the south­ern part of what coun­try?

8. Nickel has been mined for more than a cen­tury near the city of Greater Sud­bury. This city is lo­cated in which Cana­dian prov­ince?

9. Fin­n­mark, punc­tu­ated by fjords and in­hab­ited by reindeer herders, is the north­ern­most and largest county of what coun­try?

10. Which land­locked coun­try is the most densely pop­u­lated of the for­mer Soviet re­publics?

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