When times are too scary, it’s time to make merry.

The Denver Post - - PERSPECTIVE - By Diane Car­man

Every Trum­pet­ing gloater loves fake news a lot, but this Grinch read­ing fake facts in Den­ver DOES NOT!

It’s not just the lies. It’s not the dis­tor­tions. It’s not just mad rav­ing be­yond all pro­por­tions.

Name-call­ing is petty but hardly a crime. To fake-build a fake wall is an ap­plause line. Who cares if the gold­plated faucets are real. Al­most no one be­lieves in “The Art of the Deal.”

The true evil-do­ing is way be­yond fluff. Fake news makes us think twice about the real stuff. When lead­ers con­vince us all news is a lie, it’s easy to trick us and even defy the rules and tra­di­tions on which we de­pend to make sure no one brings our laws to an end.

And if we lay waste to the old First Amend­ment, democ­racy’s done, never mind your re­sent­ment. We all can find fault with the news here some­times, but with­out it the lead­ers won’t get caught for high crimes.

But fake news is just the be­gin­ning this year. Fake ru­mors are ram­pant and fake things to fear.

Fake Chris­tians who say they be­lieve more in greed than giv­ing real health care to all those in need.

Fake friends of the peo­ple who need some good jobs, they promise the moon and then pick out some slob to hon­cho at La­bor. It’s Puzder, good grief. His record for work­ers? We say, “Where’s the beef ?”

He leads a big busi­ness that sells us fake foods with mod­els who bare their fake boobs on the tube. He scoffs at em­ploy­ees who work night and day, and all they are ask­ing is for de­cent pay.

The leader, who ran on a mes­sage that said his op­po­nent had let Wall Street get in her head, has grinned as he made us all suck­ers and hacks, as­sem­bling a team straight from Gold­man and Sachs.

He looks at the job­less, the poor and the sick, and says what we need is tax cuts for the rich.

And just when you think he can’t pos­si­bly do it, he hands off the planet to OK’s Scott Pruitt. A cli­mate de­nier, he comes from a state plagued by fires, tor­na­does and man-made earth­quakes. For drillers and spillers, he’s sort of a hero, while sci­en­tists say his home state is ground zero.

For those who are wor­ried about ter­ror threats, a leader too busy for brief­ings sug­gests the world could get crazy and no one would sense what might hap­pen un­til it’s too late to pre­vent. It’s fine if the POTUS must be rein­vented, but diss­ing the in­tel is un­pres­i­dented. Still… Since most of us think that the sea­son of light, the sol­stice or Christ­mas or Fes­tivus night should bring us to­gether and make us feel warm, let’s launch a big protest against hate and scorn.

Let’s take to the streets bear­ing can­dles and beer. Let’s bring pussy­hats, rain­bow scarves, and good cheer. Let’s turn off the Twit­ter, send Facebook a note that un­til it stops fake facts it won’t get our vote.

Let’s break out the cook­ies and warm up the brisket, find friends we can count on, not those nar­cis­sis­tic.

We’ll tell the whole world that we all aren’t rude Trump­sters. This bad, aw­ful year, we’ll throw right in the Dump­ster. Re­mem­ber, just sayin’, it’s all public knowl­edge, the prob­lem was in the Elec­toral Col­lege.

Don’t blame Coloradans for how things went south. We voted against Fin­gers Short and Big Mouth. So… With love in our hearts, we’ll re­mind folks that you and most of us here still be­lieve in what’s true. We’ll care for the planet for once and for all.

We’ll help one an­other and try to re­call that once every year busi­ness stops for one day to cel­e­brate light and re­mind us to say: “Here’s to joy, here’s to friend­ship, “Here’s to spuds fried in grease. “Here’s to Grandma’s tamales. And, yes, “Here’s to peace.” Diane Car­man is a com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­sul­tant and a monthly colum­nist for The Den­ver Post.

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