And that’s why Trump won

The Denver Post - - PERSPECTIVE - By Jon Cal­dara

In our own ways, we’ve all been di­gest­ing the Trump vic­tory. For me, a lit­tle phrase keeps sur­fac­ing in my mind and ring­ing: “And that’s why Trump won.”

Let me make clear that Don­ald Trump wasn’t my first choice, not by a long shot. But as it be­came ob­vi­ous that he was go­ing to win my party’s nom­i­na­tion, I went through the stages of grief, and did so quickly. When you’ve seen as many po­lit­i­cal de­feats as I have, you learn to ac­cept real­ity much faster. You also learn there are no per­ma­nent po­lit­i­cal vic­to­ries and no per­ma­nent po­lit­i­cal de­feats. But the de­feat of Hil­lary Clin­ton was a vic­tory.

So, and I’m not proud to ad­mit this, watch­ing the left­ist melt­down following the elec­tion is one of the great­est spec­ta­cles I’ve ever en­joyed.

Let’s go back eight years for con­trast. So many of us we’re just as sick­ened by the elec­tion of Barack Obama as many are now by Trump. But I swear to God I know of no one who lit­er­ally broke down in tears when Obama won.

Celebri­ties didn’t post videos of their pan­icked hissy fits. Teach­ers didn’t scare lit­tle grade school kids with dooms­day prophe­cies. Broad­way ac­tors didn’t lec­ture the in­com­ing vice pres­i­dent from the stage. Elec­toral Col­lege elec­tors weren’t del­uged with ha­rass­ing e-mails, calls and death threats to change their votes. Oh, and the me­dia didn’t wake up and re­al­ize their job was to be the sus­pi­cious watch­dog of the new pres­i­dent, not a friendly col­league.

Ba­si­cally, we were just as scared and jolted, but we didn’t com­pletely freak out.

Watch­ing this melt­down, it’s clear the anti-Trump­ies aren’t just poor losers. They don’t get that Trump won be­cause, in great part, they had been such poor win­ners. The hard-edged pro­gres­sive left just can’t help but do a dance in the public pol­icy end zone. The Trump vic­tory was the ref ’s flag for “ex­ces­sive cel­e­bra­tion.”

It’s not that the left won gay mar­riage (which I sup­port), it’s that they de­stroyed bak­ers who, for their re­li­gious con­vic­tions, wouldn’t bake cakes for the vic­tors.

It’s not that they passed a fed­eral takeover of health care, it’s that they just had to force nuns to pay for birth con­trol sin­ful to their core be­liefs.

It’s not that they im­posed mas­sive en­vi­ron­men­tal and en­ergy re­stric­tions, or even that they went around the Con­sti­tu­tion to do it by pres­i­den­tial fiat. It’s that they in­sult­ingly la­bel those who’ve come to a dif­fer­ent con­clu­sion on global warm­ing as “de­niers.” I could go on and on. Every time I wit­ness an­other ex­am­ple of how Trump-phobes help Trump, that lit­tle thought sur­faces and rings like a bell – “And that’s why Trump won.”

It hap­pens so of­ten now I’m launch­ing it as its own hash­tag, #ATWTW.

My daugh­ter comes home from school and tells me how the teacher taught how we need raise taxes, and the bell rings, #ATWTW.

I hear re­porters and ac­tivists talk about the need to “end gun vi­o­lence” in­stead of say­ing what we all know they mean, “gun con­trol,” #ATWTW.

Boul­der passes a soda tax, #ATWTW. “Mi­nori­ties can’t be racist,” #ATWTW. Uni­ver­sity speech codes, #ATWTW. “There is a con­sen­sus on cli­mate change,” #ATWTW. (If there re­ally was a con­sen­sus, he wouldn’t have won.)

The me­dia still has no clue that they were a driv­ing force for Trump. I’m an avid public ra­dio lis­tener and this year they went into anti-Trump over­drive, com­pletely obliv­i­ous to the pos­si­bil­ity their sticky-sweet, po­lit­i­cally cor­rect story telling was driv­ing peo­ple to, not away from, Trump.

And they just can’t stop them­selves. A re­cent public ra­dio story cel­e­brated a high school English teacher who’s ed­u­cat­ing our kids on “the most im­por­tant is­sue we have to tackle as a species,” pop­u­la­tion growth and cli­mate change, through the re­quired read­ing of alarmist lit­er­a­ture. Of course, there wasn’t even a to­ken dis­sent­ing view in the news story. So, this is like a triple #ATWTW, at least.

How many #ATWTWs do you en­counter every day? Jon Cal­dara is pres­i­dent of the In­de­pen­dence In­sti­tute, a freemar­ket think tank in Den­ver, and host of “Devil’s Ad­vo­cate” on Colorado Public Tele­vi­sion.

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