Could Te­bow have started at tight end?

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Te­bow sells tick­ets. I read your col­umn on Tim Te­bow play­ing base­ball. It seems to me the New York Mets are us­ing his celebrity to draw crowds to mi­nor-league ball­parks. I be­lieve the word for that is “shill.” What I don’t un­der­stand is a ques­tion that has nagged me ever since he left the Bron­cos. At some point, Te­bow must have re­al­ized he was not go­ing to make it at quar­ter­back in the NFL. Why didn’t Te­bow try out as a tight end? Peter, turns lemons into …

Kiz: Yes, Te­bow sells tick­ets. So does Bono, for pe­form­ing U2 songs that are 30 years old. Cus­tomers that pay to watch the former quar­ter­back and old rocker seem to go home happy. Te­bow as an NFL tight end? It’s not a bad idea, ex­cept for two prob­lems: 1) Once you’ve been a quar­ter­back, there’s no other po­si­tion on the foot­ball field worth play­ing, and 2) I’m not cer­tain Te­bow could catch a foot­ball as well as Vir­gil Green, let alone be Rob Gronkowski.

No se­cret here. In re­gard to your story on Te­bow and base­ball: Once a Te­bow hater, al­ways a Te­bow hater. Your cover is blown, Kiz. Mary, die-hard Te­bow fan

Kiz: On a hot af­ter­noon in a mi­nor-league dugout, I told Te­bow what I will al­ways ad­mire about him. When Te­bow was a rookie, I spied a Bron­cos vet­eran chuck­ling at how the young quar­ter­back was a Timmy Try Hard who needed to win ev­ery wind sprint. A few weeks later, that vet­eran ap­proached me and con­fided: “I’ve never met a foot­ball player more gen­uinely pos­i­tive ev­ery day. I don’t know how Te­bow does it, but I want me some of that.”

June swoon. Once again, June sinks the Rock­ies with a big los­ing streak and they fall out of con­tention. It doesn’t mat­ter who the man­ager is or which play­ers are on the ros­ter. You’re the man, Kiz. Tell it like it is. Tom, swoon­ing in Colorado

Kiz: We have a motto here at Kickin’ It Head­quar­ters: There’s no rea­son to cry in a half-empty glass of beer, when chug­ging it is way more fun. It’s true, the Rock­ies aren’t go­ing to win the first divi­sion ti­tle in fran­chise his­tory. The Los Angeles Dodgers are too good for Colorado to catch. But par­don me for chan­nel­ing my in­ner Steve Perry, when I sing these words: Don’t stop be­liev­ing. Man­ager Bud Black will find a way to keep his team in the play­off hunt all sea­son.

On the air. I have caught your Satur­day morn­ing show on 1340 AM, and you be­long on Den­ver ra­dio more than one pro­gram per week. A.L., sports-talk con­nois­seur

Kiz: You want to be my agent? I’m not sure I can af­ford to pay you. But I will let you eat half my French fries.

Rooftop relief. And to­day’s part­ing shot is 90-proof sar­casm. And it’s poured on me, be­cause I sug­gested the Rock­ies need to make a trade for a relief pitcher.

C’mon, Kiz. We don’t need arms. We have the Rooftop. R.K., snark­meis­ter

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