Book­ing trips to Cuba now, re­funds from Or­b­itz and other travel ques­tions an­swered

The Denver Post - - TRAVEL - Few peo­ple and re­ac­tions range from “To­tally f ine” to “No, that’s tacky.” A: I think it is ab­so­lutely fine.

By The Washington Post travel staff

The Washington Post’s travel writ­ers and edi­tors re­cently dis­cussed sto­ries, ques­tions, gripes and more. Here are edited ex­cerpts:

Q : Do you have any rec­om­men­da­tions to squeeze in travel to Cuba in the next 90 days? Prefer­able an all in­clu­sive; cruise with stops in at least one Cuban port or travel group pack­age. A: Check out In­ter­na­tional

Ex­pe­di­tions, which ar­ranges cruises and land tours, and In­trepid Travel. Friendly Planet Travel also has great Cuba trips. I went on one a few years ago. — An­drea Sachs

Q : I just booked a flight on Delta to Venice, Italy, over La­bor Day week­end with Or­b­itz. I re­ceived a book­ing conf ir­ma­tion email with a Delta conf ir­ma­tion code, but later re­ceived a phone call telling me that the air­line wasn’t is­su­ing a ticket be­cause the fare had in­creased. Or­b­itz cus­tomer service re­fused to honor their ad­ver­tised price, and I was given a choice to either pay the fare dif­fer­ence, or can­cel the reser­va­tion and re­book through an­other service. I chose to can­cel, as I’m in­censed and don’t want Or­b­itz to make money off of this. Is there any­thing else I could have done? A: That’s ab­surd. If you had a

con­fir­ma­tion code and paid the fare, you should have had a tick- Ho­tels don’t have a no-out­side­food rule. Just be sure to clean up your mess for house­keep­ing and, if you have a lot of ex­tra trash, leave a bonus tip for house­keep­ing. — A.S.

Q : Other than ask­ing friends, is there a good way to f ind a travel agent? Some web­site that lets you put in cer­tain pa­ram­e­ters (e.g. what type of trip or the area) and then it sug­gests specif ic agents? A: Try the Amer­i­can So­ci­ety

of Travel Agents’ find an agent page (­elsense). — C.E.

Q : I paid for a win­dow seat in Econ­omy Plus only to dis­cover I had no win­dow what­so­ever; only a blank wall. On the one hand, when look­ing at the chart to se­lect my seat, it did not say it was a win­dow seat – it was a seat on an out­side edge of the plane. On the other, the charts have warn­ings for seats that have lim­ited or no re­cline — why not have one that says there is no win­dow? My ques­tion is, is this some­thing I could hope to get a small credit for, or should I save my time? Had I known, I would have picked a dif­fer­ent row. A: I would ask for a re­fund. If

you re­serve a win­dow seat, you should get a win­dow. — C.E.

Q : The last few trips I’ve taken, it seems like rental car prices have been much higher than nor­mal. For ex­am­ple, three days in Den­ver this com­ing week­end are cost­ing $350 for an econ­omy car at a low­bud­get com­pany! It’s al­most as if I need to bud­get the rental car price moreso than the cost of the air­plane trip. Am I just get­ting un­lucky or is this a trend lately? A: Ac­tu­ally, rates are fall­ing in

many mar­kets, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est fig­ures. When demand in­creases, as they do dur­ing the sum­mer travel sea­son, so do the prices. (I’m stay­ing at a ho­tel in San Jose right now — $178 a night. I asked to ex­tend an­other night and they wanted $308. Sup­ply and demand!) — C.E.

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