A book about mar­ket­ing or man­ag­ing em­ploy­ees may be the last thing small busi­ness own­ers want to read on va­ca­tion. But some say they’ve found in­sight they can ap­ply to their com­pa­nies from the sub­jects of books they cracked just for the joy of read­ing — A

The Denver Post - - BUSINESS - By Joyce M. Rosen­berg

BOOK: “Team of Ri­vals: The Po­lit­i­cal Ge­nius of Abra­ham Lin­coln,” by Doris Kearns Good­win.

REC­OM­MENDED BY: Corey Nel­son, owner of 4C Global Lo­gis­tics LLC.

COM­PANY PROFILE: 4C Global Lo­gis­tics, founded in 2012 and based in Lakeville, Minn., is in­volved in the dis­tri­bu­tion of chem­i­cal and agri­cul­tural prod­ucts. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

“Team of Ri­vals,” pub­lished in 2005, de­tails how Pres­i­dent Abra­ham Lin­coln put to­gether a Cabinet that in­cluded politi­cians like Sec­re­tary of State Wil­liam H. Se­ward and Trea­sury Sec­re­tary Salmon P. Chase, whom Lin­coln had de­feated for the Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“Build­ing and run­ning a busi­ness is about re­la­tion­ships and bring­ing great minds to­gether from all dif­fer­ent back­grounds to be suc­cess­ful. Lin­coln lis­tened to peo­ple, he un­der­stood their mo­tives, and gen­uinely cared.” HOW IT HAS HELPED HIM IN BUSI­NESS: “When times get tough, which they al­ways do as a busi­ness owner, that book helps to keep me go­ing and re­al­ize if I stick to the course and treat all peo­ple well, good things will come in the end.”

BOOK: “The Hand­maid’s Tale,” by Margaret At­wood.

REC­OM­MENDED BY: Ser­a­fina Pa­lan­dech, co-owner of Hip Chicks Farms.

COM­PANY PROFILE: Hip Chicks Farms, founded in 2011 and based in Se­bastopol, Calif., man­u­fac­tures organic poul­try prod­ucts. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

“The Hand­maid’s Tale,” pub­lished in 1985, is set in a so­ci­ety where women are sub­ju­gated and placed in classes. The main char­ac­ter is in a class called Hand­maids, forced to bear chil­dren for in­fer­tile cou­ples. WHY PA­LAN­DECH REC­OM­MENDS IT: “The fact that it is set in a dystopian world where women are tro­phy wives, ser­vants, or of breed­ing stock pro­vides any­one read­ing it with a pow­er­ful fem­i­nist mes­sage.” HOW IT HAS HELPED HER IN BUSI­NESS: “It helps me in busi­ness to rec­og­nize that my ex­pe­ri­ence and my voice are rel­e­vant and im­por­tant. I might not be say­ing things the way busi­ness folks in my in­dus­try are say­ing them, but that can still be a real as­set.”

BOOK: “The Mar­tian,” by Andy Weir.


LeaseQ , founded in 2011 and based in Burling­ton, Mass., is an equip­ment leas­ing and fi­nanc­ing com­pany. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

“The Mar­tian,” pub­lished in 2011, is about Mark Wat­ney,

an as­tro­naut stuck on Mars. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“It makes you think about who you’ve got in your cor­ner, who you can de­pend on when things get tight — if there are changes in your in­dus­try, who’s go­ing to sit down, not get pan­icky and get things done.” HOW IT HAS HELPED HIM IN

BUSI­NESS: “Our com­pany was stuck in a small busi­ness no man’s land where we had to hang on long enough to show in­vestors that we have a pow­er­ful busi­ness model with sig­nif­i­cant po­ten­tial. In “The Mar­tian,” Wat­ney took help wher­ever he could find it and had his crew, NASA, and even the Chinese space pro­gram lend a hand. So I thought, ‘what the heck’ and fol­lowed suit by invit­ing em­ploy­ees, an­gel in­vestors, and part­ners to lend a hand.”

BOOK: “Man’s Search for Mean­ing,” by Vik­tor E. Frankl. REC­OM­MENDED BY: Chris­tine King, owner of Your­bBest­fit. COM­PANY PROFILE:

YourBest­fit, founded in 1996 and based in Boyn­ton Beach, Fla., pro­vides health, well­ness and fit­ness ser­vices to in­di­vid­u­als, or­ga­ni­za­tions and com­pa­nies. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

Pub­lished in 1946, “Man’s Search for Mean­ing” is about Frankl’s ex­pe­ri­ences

in the Auschwitz death camp dur­ing World War II and his be­lief that life has mean­ing even in the worst cir­cum­stances. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“Frankl’s mes­sage is in­cred­i­ble for over­com­ing any ob­sta­cle, whether per­sonal or in busi­ness.” HOW IT HAS HELPED HER IN

BUSI­NESS: “One low I had was los­ing a big ac­count. That could have been a liti­gious sit­u­a­tion,” King says. “Frankl says, ‘OK, en­vi­sion the fu­ture and what you want it to be.’ I could go to court and the lawyers would make money, or I could just go ahead and (run my busi­ness) and make more money.”

BOOKS: The Harry Pot­ter se­ries by J.K. Rowl­ing.

REC­OM­MENDED BY: Paul Finch and Rayan Jawad, own­ers of Growth Stu­dio. COM­PANY PROFILE:

Growth Stu­dio, founded in 2016 and based in Lon­don, an­a­lyzes com­pa­nies’ data to help them de­velop new

mar­ket­ing, sales and other strate­gies. WHAT THE BOOKS ARE ABOUT: The books fol­low the ad­ven­tures of young wiz­ard Harry Pot­ter and his friends Hermione and Ron. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“The three friends get taken through some pretty nasty things, but they over­come the ob­sta­cles be­cause they’re to­gether — when you’ve got a part­ner­ship or other peo­ple work­ing with you, there’s a lot more strength, a lot more suc­cess,” Finch says. HOW IT HAS HELPED THEM

IN BUSI­NESS: “When Harry first meets Sir­ius Black, his god­fa­ther who is in the form of a dog, he’s scared of him, but Harry re­al­izes he’s in­no­cent,” Jawad says. “He re­minded us of a client who used to be hor­rific, used to chal­lenge us and we used to think of him as one of the nas­ti­est clients — but it dawned on us, he al­ways had out best in­ter­est at heart.”

BOOK: “Mas­ters of the Air: Amer­ica’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Ger­many,” by Don­ald L. Miller.

REC­OM­MENDED BY: Bryan Mat­ti­more, co-owner of The Growth En­gine.

COM­PANY PROFILE: The Growth En­gine, founded in 1999 and based in Nor­walk, Conn., is a con­sult­ing busi­ness help­ing com­pa­nies be­come more in­no­va­tive and cre­ative. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

“Mas­ters of the Air,” pub­lished in 2006, is a his­tory of the U.S. Eighth Air Force that bombed Nazi Ger­many dur­ing World War II. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“For the small busi­nessper­son deal­ing with the some­times-de­press­ing un­cer­tain­ties and chal­lenges of build­ing a suc­cess­ful busi­ness, this book cer­tainly has a way of putting things in per­spec­tive.” HOW IT HAS HELPED HIM IN BUSI­NESS: “We had done a bunch of pro­pos­als, al­ways com­pet­ing against other com­pa­nies large and small, and came in sec­ond in all of them,” Mat­ti­more says. “Lis­ten­ing to that book (on au­dio­books), I re­al­ized, these are such small chal­lenges rel­a­tive to what these guys were go­ing through.”

BOOK: “The Autobiography of Ben­jamin Franklin.”

REC­OM­MENDED BY: Tobias Glienke, co-owner of Munk Pack.

COM­PANY PROFILE: Munk Pack, founded in 2013 and based in Green­wich, Conn., man­u­fac­tures organic fruit snacks and cook­ies. WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT:

The Found­ing Fa­ther be­gan writ­ing the story of his life in 1771, but it wasn’t pub­lished un­til after his death in 1790. THE REC­OM­MEN­DA­TION:

“Franklin was self-taught. You have to self-teach to work with a small busi­ness — there are not enough resources to cover each role” HOW IT HAS HELPED HIM IN BUSI­NESS: “He was very big on self-im­prove­ment and would grade him­self ev­ery day,” Glienke says. “I can ap­ply that to my­self and to our prod­ucts, mak­ing sure that we are re­ally cre­at­ing prod­ucts that our cus­tomers ap­pre­ci­ate.”

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