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1. Mada­gas­car, one of the world’s largest is­lands, is lo­cated off the eastern coast of Africa in which ocean?

2. A gi­ant squid is al­most as long as a six-story build­ing is high. Gi­ant squid can be found in the waters near the United King­dom and Spain in which ocean?

3. At nearly seven miles deep, the Mar­i­ana Trench is the deep­est point on Earth. In which ocean is it lo­cated?

4. The Panama Canal con­nects the Pa­cific Ocean with which other ocean?

5. The North Pole, the north­ern­most point on Earth, is lo­cated in which ocean?

6.The Ring of Fire, a re­gion that ex­pe­ri­ences a large num­ber of earth­quakes and vol­canic erup­tions, is mainly lo­cated along which ocean?

7. The scal­loped ham­mer­head shark is an en­dan­gered species that can be found off the coasts of Oman and Ye­men in which ocean? See an­swers be­low

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