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The Denver Post - - NFL SUN­DAY - By Nick Kos­mider

He plays out­side line­backer for the Bron­cos. But you’re just as likely to find Kasim Ede­bali wear­ing disco pants and a fake afro as he glides through a skat­ing rink. Ede­bali, in his first sea­son with the Bron­cos af­ter spend­ing the first three years of his NFL ca­reer with the New Or­leans Saints, likes to have fun away from the foot­ball field. He oc­ca­sion­ally films goofy videos that star him­self in var­i­ous cos­tumes, and he shares the pro­duc­tions with his fol­low­ers on his In­sta­gram page, @ede­balla. Ede­bali, who smiles so much you’d think the grin was sewn to his face, has brought a unique flair to the locker room, pulling ex­pe­ri­ences from his na­tive Ham­burg, where he de­vel­oped a love for foot­ball watching NFL Europe games.

Q: Ok­to­ber­fest is com­ing up in Den­ver, but it’s the real deal in Ger­many. Have you ex­pe­ri­enced it there?

A: Ac­tu­ally, I’ve never been. Ok­to­ber­fest is in Mu­nich, and it’s all the way in the south. It’s like an eightor nine-hour car ride. I’ve never been.

Q: From friends who have gone, how is Ok­to­ber­fest viewed there?

A: Man, it’s just the mecca of beer and pret­zels. You want to have a good time with your boys, you go down there.

Q: What were your fa­vorite foods grow­ing up?

A: My grandpa is Turk­ish, so my grandma made a lot of Mid­dle Eastern dishes, too. The tra­di­tional Ger­man dish would be fried pork, Wiener schnitzel and just pota­toes. That’s the Ger­man food I think about.

Q: Have you found places in Den­ver where you can get some of that?

A: Not re­ally, but my lovely wife at home, she’s cook­ing it up, chef-ing it up, and I have no com­plaints what­so­ever.

Q: You and she got mar­ried this off­sea­son. Turks and Caicos, right?

A: It was pretty awe­some. Those who don’t know Turks and Caicos, it’s a small is­land (near) the Ba­hamas. We had a beau­ti­ful house. The beach was right there. There was turquoise wa­ter. It was a great time.

Q: A lot of peo­ple en­joy these char­ac­ters you make on In­sta­gram. How did that get started?

A: It re­ally started with just a lot of free time in col­lege. I’d have no class or prac­tice, and I’d just start film­ing some funny stuff I’d be think­ing about. There’s a funny one I have planned com­ing in a month or two. But, yeah, ev­ery time I have a funny idea, I just think about how I can make it fun­nier. And then I just post it.

Q: Do you have any­one who helps film them?

A: Who­ever is there. For the one, I was on my skates — check it out, every­body — at a skate rink. I asked this 12-year-old dude, “Hey, can you film me?” He’s like, “Who’s this guy?” I’m like, “I’m a line­backer for the Bron­cos.” He was like, “What?!” I said, “Yeah, if you film it, we can take some pic­tures.” He was like, “All right, I’ve got you!” It was funny.

Q: I saw one where you kicked some­body into a pit like the movie “300”?

A: Yeah, it was like in a bouncy house. I saw ev­ery­one fall­ing into this (foam) pit, and I was like, “You know what? I’ve seen this be­fore. Let’s do this scene.” So we just did the “300” scene right there.

Q: I’ve heard you talk about watching NFL Europe a lot grow­ing up. Did you have a fa­vorite player?

A: Uh, I had a fa­vorite team. It was the Ham­burg Sea Devils, who were in my town. Scott Mc­cready was his name. He was a re­ceiver for the Sea Devils. He helped me out, came to prac­tices some­times (for Ede­bali’s youth team, the Ham­burg Huskies). It’s crazy think­ing about NFL Europe, and now I’m all the way over here.

Joe Amon, The Den­ver Post

The Bron­cos’ Kasim Ede­bali has “no com­plaints” about his wife’s cook­ing.

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