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(our fa­vorite colum­nist): OK, Heloise, you are the fi­nal word on this, and you will set­tle our on­go­ing dis­agree­ment!

Eggshells down the garbage dis­posal, or into the trash? Buy­ing ev­ery­one a latte is hing­ing on your an­swer!

— The Cal­i­for­nia Girls OH MY — this is a de­bate! There’s a latte rid­ing on my an­swer. This prob­lem is not all it’s cracked up to be, how­ever.

Eggshells have a gooey mem­brane that can wrap it­self around the blades of the dis­posal. Eggshells should go in the com­post pile, and not in the garbage dis­posal. If you don’t com­post, the trash is the best place for eggshells.

Want a quick way to freshen up that garbage dis­posal? Put ¢ cup bak­ing soda and ¢ cup vine­gar down the drain. Wait 15 min­utes for it to stop bub­bling, then flush with cold wa­ter.

I’ve col­lected my fa­vorite bak­ing soda hints into a handy pam­phlet. If you’d like to re­ceive one, send a stamped (70 cents), self-ad­dressed, busi­ness-size en­ve­lope, along with $5, to: Heloise/Bak­ing Soda, P.O. Box 795001, San An­to­nio, TX 78279-5001. Or you can or­der a copy on­line at www.Heloise.com. By the way, potato peels are an­other thing that should not go in the dis­posal — when wet, they can be as hard as ce­ment! — Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: When our son was ready for kinder­garten, I in­vited sev­eral moms with boys the same age for an af­ter­noon to play and get ac­quainted.

They had a great time, and the fear of not know­ing any­one was over!

To this day (even though they are 40-plus), they still are all good friends.

— Mar­i­lynn M., Delphos, Ohio DEAR HELOISE: My daugh­ter shared with me an idea for help­ing her chil­dren be or­ga­nized.

She pur­chases a match­ing notebook and file for each school sub­ject in a dif­fer­ent color. At the end of class, each stu­dent can file the pa­pers in the right-col­ored file be­fore go­ing to the next class.

At home, they don’t have to search through jum­bled pa­pers!

— Ann Marie D., Bak­ers­field, Calif.

DEAR HELOISE: I don’t like wet bath tow­els, wash­cloths, etc., left ly­ing in the bath­room, nor do I like them stuffed in the laun­dry bas­ket in the laun­dry room to mildew and get stinky be­fore I can wash them. I keep two clip­pie hang­ers in each bath­room. When the user is fin­ished, the towel is hung in the shower tub area to dry. Then the towel can be put in the laun­dry bas­ket. Most de­part­ment stores will give you hang­ers with clips.

— Carla N., via email DEAR HELOISE: I use the ex­tra rinse cy­cle on the washer, and there­fore don’t need fab­ric soft­ener or dryer sheets. My iron­ing time is cut down, too.

— Yvonne L., Mans­field, Ohio YOU ALSO CAN try also us­ing less de­ter­gent. The less you put in, the less has to be rinsed out.

— Heloise Copy­right 2017

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