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You can de­cant — what does that mean? For our pur­poses, it means re­mov­ing kitchen and bath sta­ples (rice, pasta, flour, ce­real, beans, swabs and cot­ton balls, etc.) from their orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing and stor­ing them in pretty, clear con­tain­ers that you can pick up at a dis­count store. There are pros and cons to this — let’s take a look:


You can see all of your items, and can tell when you are run­ning low. Buy­ing ba­sics at a ware­house store can save money.

The con­tain­ers can stack ef­fi­ciently, which will con­serve space.

Weevils and pests will stay away; items can re­main fresher longer. CONS

It will take time ini­tially to set up your sys­tem how you like it.

You can lose the nu­tri­tional and us­age in­for­ma­tion from the pack­ag­ing, along with the ex­pi­ra­tion dates. Tape la­bels to the bot­tom or back of the jars.

You must ro­tate items, and use the old­est prod­uct first.

La­bel each jar to get started, and see how de­cant­ing can work for you!

— Heloise DEAR HELOISE: Sum­mer’s com­ing! When I mow my lawn, I leave a 2-inch bor­der of un­cut grass along paved ar­eas. Then I go back and mow that bor­der.

By do­ing this, my lawn mower no longer shoots bil­lions of blades of grass all over my drive­way and side­walk. I haven’t had to blow, sweep or wash paved ar­eas af­ter mow­ing in years.

— Jar­rod M., Colorado Springs,

Colo. DEAR HELOISE: We have friends who in­vite us to stay overnight with them when we travel. From them, we’ve learned about a few things you should have on hand for your guests:

≤ Alarm clock, your Wi-Fi ac­cess code, the TV re­mote, a dish for jew­elry

≤ Ce­real bar and a bot­tle of water per per­son

≤ Ex­tra blan­ket

≤ Night­light

≤ Wash­cloth, bath towel, tooth­brush, ra­zor, shower cap, floss and tooth­paste

≤ Mild soap, de­odor­ant soap and sham­poo

≤ New roll of toi­let pa­per

Now you’ll be the best host ever.

— J.H., Union­town, Ohio DEAR HELOISE: I re­move water from shred­ded pota­toes so they are crispy. In­stead of us­ing pa­per tow­els, I use a tea towel that can be laun­dered.

— Rox­anne C., Leth­bridge, Al­berta, Canada DEAR HELOISE: I read your hints in The (Har­ris­burg, Pa.) Pa­tri­otNews. I use baby oil daily in the shower, and in­stead of peel­ing back the alu­minum cover on a new bot­tle, I poke a pin in the top. The oil flows at just the right amount with­out waste, and no worry about drop­ping it and mak­ing a mess.

— Melissa B., Har­ris­burg, Pa. STILL, be care­ful of slip­ping! — Heloise Copy­right 2018

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