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DEAR HELOISE: My doc­tor wants me to check my blood pres­sure once a day. I find this un­com­fort­able, and I fum­ble around with the arm band. Is there any­thing else out there that I can use in­stead of a blood pres­sure arm­band?

— Lance M., Mil­ford, Del. LANCE, YES, there are com­pa­nies that make a blood pres­sure cuff. It just wraps around your wrist, and you press a but­ton to get a read­out. Check on­line sites, or ask a med­i­cal re­tailer for de­tails.

— Heloise DEAR HELOISE: The cur­rent trend seems to be “keep walk­ing.” I’ve read that sit­ting all day is the new “smok­ing” — in other words, it short­ens your life. We need to get up and start walk­ing more. In fact, on av­er­age we need to take be­tween 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day to stay ac­tive. Not only is walk­ing easy to do, it’s the least ex­pen­sive ex­er­cise, helps im­prove mus­cle tone and also im­proves bal­ance. Walk­ing helps with weight loss and re­duces stress. Let’s get started walk­ing, and take a friend along for com­pany.

— Claire H., Miles City, Mont. DEAR HELOISE: Bugs are an im­por­tant source of pro­tein for birds. To en­cour­age birds to nest in your yard, put up bird­houses. A feeder with some seeds and dried fruit also will be a mag­net for birds. Place a bird­bath in your flower bed and keep it filled with wa­ter. You’ll not only have beau­ti­ful bird­songs, you’ll re­duce the amount of in­sects around your house.

— Ellen D., Port­land, Ore. DEAR HELOISE: I need help get­ting or­ga­nized around the house. To be­gin with, I work full time, so my time is lim­ited. Can you help me?

— Gail M., Ma­son City, Iowa. GAIL, IT TAKES some plan­ning, but it can be done. How­ever, it need not all be done in one day.

≤ First, make a list of the most im­por­tant things that need to be done.

≤ Next, clean out clos­ets. Do­nate, throw out or have a garage sale, but get rid of junk in your closet.

≤ Don’t keep ex­pired items in your pantry.

≤ Put things away. “A place for every­thing and every­thing in its place.”

≤ Make up a daily, weekly and monthly sched­ule for clean­ing.

— Heloise DEAR HELOISE: My hus­band had an in­grown toe­nail treated, and he had to soak his foot for two weeks fol­low­ing the treat­ment. I did not have a basin for soaking, but re­mem­bered that I had plas­tic shoe stor­age boxes, and those worked per­fectly.

— Su­san G., Ba­ton Rouge, La. DEAR HELOISE: I hate the words “as you age” or “as we get older.” It makes some peo­ple feel use­less or de­crepit. My doc­tor says, “As you have an­other birth­day.” Sounds good to me!

— Nancy L., Hot Springs, Ark. WANT TO KNOW my recipes? Or­der my pam­phlet Heloise’s Main Dishes and More. Send $3 and a long, self-ad­dressed, stamped (65 cents) en­ve­lope to: Heloise/Main Dishes, P.O. Box 795001, San An­to­nio, TX 78279-5001.

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