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DEAR HELOISE: My sis­ter’s house burned to the ground and she lost ev­ery­thing. She said she wished she had time to get her photo al­bums out as there were so many mem­o­ries in them. This made me think. I re­al­ized I have sev­eral boxes with photo al­bums and mem­o­ra­bilia on shelves in clos­ets through­out the house. If I had to leave the house sud­denly, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t be able to gather them all and carry the heavy boxes out in time to save them. So, I went to a garage sale and bought two rolling suit­cases, very in­ex­pen­sively. I now store our pho­tos and other ir­re­place­able items in the suit­cases, which can eas­ily be rolled out of the house in an emer­gency. They’re lined up in a closet close to the front door.

— Sarah in Ken­tucky DEAR HELOISE: I al­ways take a small par­ing knife to work to peel or cut fresh fruit for lunch. Af­ter use I rinse it off and put it back in my desk. How­ever, this made me ner­vous be­cause it looked like a weapon that I had hid­den. A co-worker sug­gested that I put it in a tooth­brush car­ry­ing case used for trav­el­ing, and it not only keeps my lit­tle knife clean, it keeps it hid­den.

— Ruth, via email

DEAR HELOISE: When I plant my an­nual gar­den with my fa­vorite veg­eta­bles, I place about three sheets of news­pa­per on the ground be­tween the rows, wet them down with a heavy soak­ing of wa­ter, then put a thin layer of straw down on the news­pa­per. The news­pa­per keeps weeds from grow­ing be­tween the rows. This saves a lot of time that I would have spent weed­ing.

— Henry in Cal­i­for­nia DEAR HELOISE: I tried one of your clever hints re­cently. I took a pin out to the gar­den while my three young chil­dren were sleep­ing and scratched their names on squash, wa­ter­mel­ons, zuc­chini and cu­cum­bers. I told them the Gar­den Elves had done that and they had to eat the veg­eta­bles with their names scratched into them. This a good way to get them to eat veg­eta­bles and ac­tu­ally en­joy it!

— Ash­ley in Ne­braska DEAR HELOISE: To fluff up a flat pil­low, I toss it in the dryer along with a dryer sheet for about 10 min­utes and it comes out plump and smelling fresh!

— Mered­ith, via email DEAR HELOISE: Dur­ing this coro­n­avirus pan­demic, I have kept a journal of what has been hap­pen­ing and how it af­fected me and my fam­ily dur­ing this time. It may seem odd to oth­ers, but this is a time in our his­tory that will be re­mem­bered and dis­cussed by peo­ple long af­ter we are all gone. I think it’s im­por­tant that my chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and fu­ture gen­er­a­tions know what life was like and how we all coped. It’s our story.

— Joan in New York

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