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Con­gress­men Costello has adopted lib­eral po­si­tions on the mil­i­tary, health care, cli­mate change, gun con­trol and now im­mi­gra­tion. While it could be ar­gued that his tilt to the left is merely a re­flec­tion of po­lit­i­cal re­al­ity in Philadel­phia’s sub­urbs, the case could also be made that Costello has fa­cil­i­tated the red-to-blue tran­si­tion.

For the per­son who said with­out Christ there is no hol­i­day, you are cor­rect ex­cept that was not the state­ment or the ques­tion con­cern­ing Trump and his tax bill by Christ­mas. The prob­lem is we are not all Chris­tians how­ever we are all Amer­i­can cit­i­zens and it seems Trump the pres­i­dent of all Amer­i­can cit­i­zens does not in­clude us in this state­ment. The ques­tion was what if Trump said “be­fore Hanukkah” in­stead of “be­fore Christ­mas,” would that bother you?


On Vet­er­ans Day Don­ald Trump sided with Rus­sia and Putin and not the Amer­i­can vet­er­ans. De­plorable.

Jay Miller

Imag­ine the out­rage if Pres­i­dent Obama had de­nounced the U.S. in­tel­li­gence agen­cies as po­lit­i­cal hacks as Trump did and em­braced Putin say­ing he be­lieved him when he de­nied med­dling in the elec­tion. Trump is not try­ing to con­vince him­self. He al­ready knows Putin is ly­ing. He’s try­ing to con­vince us. Ev­ery­thing he says is a lie.

I agree with the per­son in Sound Off who com­mented about the trailer parked on Prospect Street. I live on North War­ren and al­most got hit twice turn­ing from North War­ren onto Prospect Street due to your sight be­ing blocked by the trailer.

To Bev­erly, since you’ve given up watch­ing “The View” per­haps you’d pre­fer watch­ing the Trump talk shows. If you re­ally lis­ten to him you might end up do­ing some Trump bash­ing your­self.


I would like to thank all of the lo­cal busi­nesses for their show of sup­port for our vet­er­ans. I would espe­cially like to thank Brook­side Fam­ily Restau­rant and Texas Road­house for their free meals. I no­ticed peo­ple were very friendly to vet­er­ans. I had men and women walk up to me and shake my hand and say thank you for your ser­vice. It was a re­mark­able day. Thanks to all.

A Vet­eran from Boy­er­town

I’m calling about the com­ment “Has the Lord got­ten your at­ten­tion yet?” It’s true how an­gry and up­set He is about how cor­rupt and evil His per­fect world that He once cre­ated has now got­ten. He’s ready to do some­thing. Just as He parted the Red Sea for Moses and good peo­ple to go through, once they were through He let the wa­ter flood the evil peo­ple. He’s try­ing to get our at­ten­tion and we need the Lord in our lives please.

My com­ment goes out to those of you who de­vote your pre­cious time lis­ten­ing to a so-called source of in­for­ma­tion that pur­posely goes out of its way to con­tra­dict the facts. Fox News has made it a prac­tice of be­ing on the wrong side of ev­ery ma­jor is­sue that oc­curs. Some­thing is se­ri­ously wrong with that and there is no won­der why this coun­try is im­mersed in con­stant tur­moil.


I would like to thank the kind men and women who as­sisted me af­ter my ac­ci­dent Sun­day evening off of Hoff­mansville Road. They were there be­fore the po­lice and EMTs came to as­sist me and then four of my fam­ily mem­bers came also. So thank God I was not in­jured in any way but my car had to be towed away. So I am thank­ing them from the bot­tom of my heart for their kind­ness and com­pas­sion and for all they did for me. May the Lord bless them all abun­dantly.

Mom Mom

Face-to-face with three of the most vi­cious lead­ers in the world to­day, Don­ald Trump opted to look the other way. Putin, Xi Jin­ping and Ro­drigo Duterte were praised as great and strong lead­ers by Trump. He didn’t have any trou­ble mock­ing the mayor of San Juan or the re­porter with a phys­i­cal dis­abil­ity. Trump comes up a lit­tle short in the courage de­part­ment. Wel­come to re­al­ity.


Jay Miller, KM, Hawai­ian Punch Party and North Coven­try Yan­kee, did you hear that it looks like Jeff Ses­sions is go­ing to give the word to the Feds, the FBI, to open up an in­ves­ti­ga­tion about the Rus­sian Ura­nium One deal that was han­dled by Hil­lary Clin­ton? How the worm turns now. And that pros­e­cu­tor Mueller who’s go­ing af­ter Pres­i­dent Trump was in­volved in this some­how; he knew about it. Let’s see what hap­pens now. What do you guys say about that?


I just read that some­one wants to give acne cream to prison in­mates and hope that it will keep them from break­ing out. Go fig­ure.

Jim Fitch

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