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Vet­eran’s Day is be­ing ob­served on Mon­day. Wouldn’t it be nice if all em­ploy­ers who have em­ploy­ees who are vet­er­ans work­ing for them would give them a day off with pay? They de­serve that.

—A Con­cerned Vet­eran

This is ref­er­ence to Lat­tanzio’s that was on Moser Road. Lil, you had one of the the best sand­wich shops around and I miss your tuna grinders. So can any­body tell me where you can get a good tuna grinder sand­wich be­cause I cer­tainly can’t find one since Lil made hers and also Nick’s in Stowe, their hoa­gies were out of this world too.

I pray that now the Democrats are happy since they won the House. Maybe now they will be less an­gry and hate­ful and will work in­stead of form­ing mobs. Pray for Amer­ica.

The Democrats win for their can­di­dates by all of them stick­ing to­gether and all of them vot­ing for

their can­di­dates even if they are the wrong ones. If the Repub­li­cans would do that and stand be­hind who­ever their can­di­date is whether he’s good or bad and just stay be­hind him we wouldn’t be stuck now with an­other six years of Casey who just keeps rais­ing taxes and does noth­ing to help the peo­ple. We would have Lou Bar­letta in there.

The blue wave has ar­rived be­cause of a fool­ish pres­i­dent. Win­ning the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives will start ev­ery in­ves­ti­ga­tion pos­si­ble on Trump. He will have to de­fend him­self for the next two years. The House will send bills to the Se­nate on health care and fair tax cuts for the mid­dle class which will be very dif­fi­cult not to pass. It’s time the mid­dle class and the poor were rep­re­sented. Yes the blue wave has ar­rived.

As for the Democrats win­ning the House in the midterms the Repub­li­cans had one thing go­ing against them. There was no Elec­toral Col­lege to help make win­ners out of losers.

And once again ig­no­rance has pre­vailed elec­tion day in Penn­syl­va­nia.

This is to Jim Fitch. Maybe your wife wasn’t chastis­ing you for be­ing careless, maybe she was just in­di­cat­ing that some peo­ple, a lot of us, need to have our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Trump has played a record amount of golf and he has cam­paigned all over the coun­try but he’s never vis­ited our sol­diers in the com­bat zone.

—Jay Miller

From Dr. Thomas Sow­ell, “No so­ci­ety has ever thrived be­cause it had a large and grow­ing class of par­a­sites liv­ing off of those who pro­duce.”

—Grizz K.

Well at least we got rid of

some of Don­nie’s boys but I hope we never again have to en­dure so much nasty po­lit­i­cal ad­ver­tis­ing es­pe­cially by the Repub­li­cans.

—One Who’s Glad It’s Over

Now that the elec­tion is over we don’t have to watch all the trash-talk­ing com­mer­cials they show 50 times a day sta­tion af­ter sta­tion. Now all we need is the elec­tion signs in town taken down. We have enough trash in Pottstown.


While do­ing a read­ing ther­apy at school with Ru­fus a stu­dent once asked me if all fairy tales be­gin with “Once upon a time?” I replied “No, there is an end­less se­ries of fairy tales that start with ‘If elected I prom­ise to .... ’”

—Jim Fitch

I hope the cry­baby sore loser Democrats are happy now that they won the House and will fi­nally ac- cept the fact that Clin­ton lost in 2016. I hope they will re­spect and honor the pres­i­dent of the United States.

I have never seen such a dis­play of in­con­sid­er­ate adults at the elec­tion place in Up­per Potts­grove. If you have sug­ges­tions or want to com­plain you can al­ways vol­un­teer to work the polls and see how much work it takes.

Has any­one no­ticed how Camp­bell Soup has down­sized the cans of soup? It’s ridicu­lous. How greedy can you get? In­stead of one can you need three to make up for what it used to be be­cause the cans are so small. How greedy can Camp­bell’s be?

Hey Jay Miller how many il­le­gal im­mi­grants won the No­bel Peace Prize this year? Any­way they weren’t im­mi­grants, they were Amer­i­cans. We are all de­scended from im­mi­grants mostly, ei­ther im­mi­grants or de­scended from them.

This is in re­ply to the Sound Off from some­one who com­mented that they started their Christ­mas shop­ping and ev­ery­thing that they picked up was made in China. Well there is great store in Boy­er­town called Patsy’s Pot­pourri of Gifts. I think it’s been there pretty long, ev­ery­thing’s made in the USA and lo­cal ar­ti­sans. It truly is amaz­ing to see all the beau­ti­ful and unique things that are made in the USA. It’s a great shop and you should check it out.

—Boy­er­town Res­i­dent

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