Su­per­heroes save Mayor Jensen, city

Lo­cal kids at­tend lun­cheon, gear up to fight vil­lans

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The chil­dren had been in­vited to have lunch, but were forced into hero­ism when the vil­lains kid­napped ar­rived.

Avon Mayor Brian Jensen was pre­sent­ing cer­tifi­cates to chil­dren Sept. 16 when he was sud­denly kid­napped in broad day­light by a band of ne’er-do-wells.

If this sounds like the plot to a comic book, well, it’s not far off; be­cause Jensen was carted off by the vil­lain­ous mem­bers of Su­per He­roes to Kids in Ohio: The Joker, crown prince of crime; Har­ley Quinn, his de­mented for­mer psy­chol­o­gist; and Loki, Norse god of tricks and adopted brother of the thun­der god with lus­cious locks.

Jensen seemed re­laxed as he was dragged from the Avon Isle Park pavil­ion, 37080 Detroit Road, per­haps be­cause the chil­dren he was hand­ing cer­tifi­cates and smil­ing for pic­tures with were none other than the masked band of vir­tu­ous vig­i­lantes known as the Su­per Kids.

The 20 mem­bers of the Su­per Kids were as­sem­bled by the city of Avon. Five come from the city and the others come from the sur­round­ing area.

Pam Fechter, Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment Co­or­di­na­tor for the city, said this is the first year the young he­roes as­sem­bled there; hav­ing done it pre­vi­ously in Elyria.

“The city of Elyria did not want to host it this year, so we agreed to host it,” she said.

Ac­cord­ing to Fechter, the city reached out to the schools to find chil­dren fac­ing ill­ness and ad­ver­sity in the area. The other chil­dren were in­vited by the groups Jeremy Cares, A Special Wish Foun­da­tion and the Make-A-Wish Foun­da­tion.

The chil­dren and their par­ents had been in­vited to have lunch and be rec­og­nized by Jensen, but were forced into hero­ism when the fiendish vil­lains kid­napped him. The Joker de­clared him­self mayor as he took con­trol of Jensen by paint­ing a bright red grin on his face in what ap­peared to be some sort of mind con­trol lip­stick.

“What a beau­ti­ful city you have here, this city of Avon,” the Joker screeched as he and his co­horts saun­tered into the pavil­ion send­ing a chill through the assem­bly. “I ab­so­lutely love it! I think I’m go­ing to be the mayor of Avon, what do you guys say?”

The as­sem­bled group of he­roes, be­decked in their uni­forms and capes, did not take kindly to such talk; de­spite the clown of­fer­ing to can­cel school for all.

As the vil­lains fled with their hostage in tow, the Su­per Kids piled onto buses to give chase and caught up to them at Lit­tle League Park, 36744 Detroit Road.

There, our cun­ning he­roes foiled a plot by Lex Luthor, Poi­son Ivy and Gen­eral Zodd. The ter­ri­ble trio had tied Bat­man to a tree, Supergirl was also tied and the last son of Kryp­ton him­self, Su­per­man, was sur­rounded by the ra­dioac­tive re­mains of his home planet, kryp­tonite, weak­en­ing him.

Work­ing to­gether, our he­roes re­leased the dark knight and Kara Zor-El from their bind­ings and safely stowed the green stones in a kryp­tonite dis­posal box con­ve­niently found nearby.

But the vil­lains had more dan­ger­ous fare up their sleeves. A short dis­tance away they’d tied Daily Planet re­porter and snappy dresser Jimmy Olsen and Lake Erie Crusher’s mas­cot Stom­per to a men­ac­ing bun­dle of TNT.

As our he­roes worked to free them, Bane, Cat­woman, The Rid­dler and Yel­low Jacket stepped in to stop them. Luck­ily, our he­roes were able to an­swer The Rid­dler’s ter­ri­ble traps and freed the re­porter and mas­cot.

Next, our he­roes fought against the clock with the aid of the Avengers to foil the vil­lains plot by com­plet­ing puz­zles as fast as they could.

Sens­ing their de­feat, the vil­lains with Jensen still un­der their con­trol, fled to the Avon Aquatic Fa­cil­ity, 36265 Detroit Road, where they made their fi­nal stand.

Af­ter a fierce bat­tle of words be­tween Nick Fury and Loki, the as­sem­bled vil- lains fought the he­roes and Su­per Kids.

In the chaos, mem­bers of the Su­per Kids were able to re­move the mind con­trol lip­stick from Jensen free­ing him from The Joker’s con­trol.

With the com­bined strength of the fa­mous he­roes and the Su­per Kids, the vil­lains were van­quished and taken into cus­tody.

To cel­e­brate their great suc­cess the he­roes and Su­per Kids then took part in a Dead-pool party hosted by the merc with a mouth him­self, wear­ing a Bea Arthur shirt no less.

Fechter said the day was a suc­cess, but trou­ble is al­ready brew­ing for next year.


Mem­bers of The Avengers pose with chil­dren Sept. 16as the he­roes helped the chil­dren to save Avon Mayor Brian Jensen and the city from The Joker.

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