Ask God to help you pray with heart cen­tered on him

The News-Times - - ADVICE/GAMES - From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Gra­ham

Dear Dr. Gra­ham: I hear a lot about prayer but sel­dom do I hear a pas­tor preach about it. Are peo­ple ex­pected to know how to pray? P.D.

Dear P.D.: Je­sus con­sid­ered prayer more im­por­tant than food. The Bi­ble tells us that Je­sus prayed hours be­fore break­fast, ris­ing up a great while be­fore day­break (Mark 1:35). Je­sus would leave the great crowds gath­ered to hear him preach and go to the wilder­ness so that he could spend time in prayer (Luke 5). How dif­fer­ent our world would be if peo­ple were com­mit­ted to do the same.

Je­sus prayed at fu­ner­als, and the dead were raised. He prayed over the five loaves and two fishes, and a mul­ti­tude of peo­ple were fed.

And God has blessed those who com­mit­ted them­selves to prayer. Noah prayed, and God handed him a blueprint to build the ark. Moses prayed, and God de­liv­ered the Is­raelites from bondage. Gideon prayed, and the host of a for­mi­da­ble enemy fled in fear be­fore his army of only 300. Daniel prayed, and the mouths of the lions were closed. Eli­jah prayed, and the fire of God con­sumed the sac­ri­fice in the pres­ence of the prophets of Baal. David prayed, and he de­feated Go­liath. The dis­ci­ples prayed, and 3,000 peo­ple were added to the church in one day.

Re­mem­ber that the dis­ci­ples asked Je­sus to teach them to pray. We must ask God to help us pray with our hearts and minds cen­tered on him. This is the power of prayer.

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