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Will some­one please throw an ocean of ice wa­ter on the Pelosi-Schumer-MSM axis of evil?

Their ec­stasy over the re­sults in Vir­ginia’s elec­tion re­turns Tues­day night shows how des­per­ate the Democrats are for any sign of hope that their party is not al­ready dead.

Democrats merely won the elec­tions for gov­er­nor in Vir­ginia and New Jer­sey - two Blue States where they were al­ways ex­pected to win.

It was hardly a “wave elec­tion.” Repub­li­cans suf­fered no sur­prise losses to Democrats and the GOP still con­trolled a huge ma­jor­ity of the coun­try’s gov­er­nor’s of­fices and state leg­is­la­tures.

Yet by Wed­nes­day morn­ing the lib­eral me­dia’s talk­ing heads were so happy you’d have thought Pres­i­dent Trump had been voted out of of­fice, the Democrats had won back Congress and Hil­lary Clin­ton had been in­stalled on her Oval Of­fice throne.

Repub­li­cans loses in Vir­ginia and New Jer­sey were glee­fully framed by the lib­eral me­dia as ref­er­en­dums on Pres­i­dent Trump’s first year, but it was Fake News.

It would have been real news if the Repub­li­can gov­er­nor can­di­dates, Ed Gille­spie of Vir­ginia and Kim Guadagno of New Jer­sey, had pulled off sur­prise wins.

Or if a lib­eral Demo­crat had taken the Con­gres­sional seat va­cated by con­ser­va­tive Ja­son Chaf­fetz in Utah (in­stead of be­ing crushed by a Repub­li­can who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but sup­ports his agenda).

But the pun­dits breath­lessly telling us a Demo­crat won in Vir­ginia and New Jer­sey? News? Yes. Shock­ing? Hardly.

A se­ri­ous re­pu­di­a­tion of Don­ald Trump? The first signs of the de­cline of Trump­ism? Don’t think so.

Trump or no Trump, from day one Ed Gille­spie was never go­ing to win in Vir­ginia, where about 10 mil­lion fed­eral work­ers live and vote Demo­cratic.

And in New Jer­sey, a true-blue state, the only Repub­li­can politi­cian who was re­pu­di­ated on Tues­day was Mr. Un­pop­u­lar­ity him­self, out­go­ing Gov. Chris Christie.

His Lt. Gov­er­nor, Guadagno, never had a prayer - and she wasn’t en­dorsed by Trump, who knew it.

I can un­der­stand the Democrats and their me­dia soul­mates want­ing to make Tues­day’s elec­tions into a fake ref­er­en­dum on Pres­i­dent Trump.

But I don’t un­der­stand the Repub­li­cans and con­ser­va­tives who joined in and said the elec­tions were a sign of doom for the GOP in the 2018 elec­tions.

Repub­li­cans will have their prob­lems in 2018, es­pe­cially if they can’t get any­thing im­por­tant through Congress.

But this week’s elec­tion re­sults had noth­ing to do with 2018 or Pres­i­dent Trump - un­til he tweeted him­self into the story.

Un­for­tu­nately, de­spite be­ing in Asia, our nar­cis­sist in chief had to blame Gille­spie’s loss on the fact that Gille­spie didn’t fully em­brace him.

Not ev­ery­thing is about Don­ald Trump, but he - like the hate­blinded me­dia - thinks it is.

Some facts about Vir­ginia, Mr. Pres­i­dent:

Hil­lary beat you there by 5 points last year. On Tues­day Gille­spie got more votes than you did, but Democrats turned out in much greater num­bers in the sub­urbs of north­ern Vir­ginia.

That’s why the for­mer head of the Repub­li­can Na­tional Com­mit­tee lost - as every­one but his kids knew he would.

For you to blame Gille­spie’s de- feat on his not em­brac­ing you is to­tally nar­cis­sis­tic, child­ish and wrong, Mr. Pres­i­dent.

Not to men­tion self-de­struc­tive. In­stead of the me­dia dis­cussing the tough speech you gave to the North Kore­ans, they talked about your Gille­spie tweet.

How about act­ing like a grown-up pres­i­dent, for a change, Mr. Trump?

How about tweet­ing some­thing like, “Con­grat­u­la­tions to the Democrats for their vic­to­ries on Tues­day. When I come back from Asia I hope we can find a way to work to­gether on tax re­form.”

So Trump is still Trump. His core con­stituency will stay faith­ful to him, no mat­ter what he said about Gille­spie or how he said it.

But if he keeps tweet­ing the way he does, the pres­i­dent will never win more friends in the Repub­li­can Party.

And if he’s ever go­ing to get any­thing passed in Congress by 2018, he’s go­ing to need ev­ery Repub­li­can friend he can get.

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