Stu­dent lied about Brin­disi in op-ed

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I would like to cor­rect the false state­ments in a re­cent Utica Ob­server-Dis­patch Let­ter to the Ed­i­tor by Cather­ine Berry, who said she is a se­nior at Hamil­ton Col­lege, en­rolled in a gov­ern­ment class:

1. She said the Brin­disi cam­paign held an In­di­vis­i­ble Sum­mit. WRONG. FACT: This was a sum­mit spon­sored by NYCD22 Knit the Dis­trict, a coali­tion of pro­gres­sive groups from the 22nd Con­gres­sional Dis­trict. In fact, it was formed BE­FORE An­thony Brin­disi was a can­di­date for Congress. It was NOT spon­sored by the Brin­disi cam­paign.

2. She said she reg­is­tered for the meet­ing two weeks prior. Yes, she did...BUT SHE CLAIMED TO BE A MEM­BER OF ONE OF OUR OR­GA­NI­ZA­TIONS AND SHE IS NOT. Her regis­tra­tion was un­truth­ful.

3. She said she was ap­proached by a mem­ber of the Brin­disi cam­paign and asked to leave. WRONG. She was ap­proached by a mem­ber of OUR or­ga­ni­za­tion, NOT the Brin­disi cam­paign. She was asked if she was a mem­ber of one of the or­ga­ni­za­tions in NYCD22 Knit the Dis­trict (the group spon­sor­ing the event). When she said she wasn’t, she was asked to leave this pri­vate meet­ing.

4. She said she was asked to leave while An­thony Brin­disi was speak­ing. WRONG. Fact: The meet­ing hadn’t even started, and An­thony Brin­disi hadn’t even ar­rived at that point.

5. She said she was hu­mil­i­ated in front of a large group of peo­ple. WRONG. Only three peo­ple even knew it hap­pened: me, the mem­ber of our group who spoke to her, and the per­son who rec­og­nized her.

This was a meet­ing of a pri­vate group, NOT a Brin­disi cam­paign event. As­sem­bly­man Brin­disi has held nu­mer­ous open town halls and fo­rums at which ALL con­stituents are wel­come. This meet­ing was a pri­vate meet­ing by a pri­vate group.

I find it dis­turb­ing that a stu­dent in a gov­ern­ment class didn’t rep­re­sent her­self cor­rectly. And then, she added to the de­cep­tion by writ­ing the let­ter she did, full of mis­state­ments. Oh, by the way, there is NOCazen­ovia Hilton. The meet­ing was held at the Hamp­ton Inn & Suites. Just an­other one of the mis­state­ments.

Mau­reen Zu­pan, Cazen­ovia

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