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I would like to thank the gen­eros­ity of The Howard and Bess Chap­man Char­i­ta­ble Cor­po­ra­tion for help­ing to keep Oneida “a lit­tle bit of Amer­ica at its’ best”. The Chap­mans are con­tin­u­ing the legacy, be­gun in their life­times, by be­ing the sole un­der­writer of Moody McCarthy Stand-Up Event this Nov. 17 at the his­toric Kal­let Theater. This is the third of the Oneida Per­form­ing Arts pre­sen­ta­tions in the 2018-2019 se­ries. The gen­eros­ity of the Chap­mans con­tin­ues to as­sist OPA to bring these var­ied per­for­mances to the lo­cal cit­i­zens, and right here in our own back­yard.

Thank you, Howard and Bess. Your legacy is still mak­ing a dif­fer­ence.

God’s love is for all peo­ples

For the last cou­ple of days I have been get­ting text mes­sages with re­sound­ing and ex­plicit words like HA­TRED ON THE RISE, ANTI-SEMITISM in our coun­try…It fi­nally caught my at­ten­tion only be­cause it has be­come a big is­sue that no mat­ter how much I avoid watch­ing TV or lis­ten­ing to the ra­dio, the info just kept coming from dif­fer­ent sources.

I pon­dered on the words “Anti-Semitism,” “JEWISH haters,” etc., and won­dered who are these peo­ple, and why are they tar­get­ing the Jewish com­mu­nity? Is it be­cause they shine brighter than most, or be­cause of their mis­un­der­stood his­tory, or is it purely be­cause of jeal­ousy of their hard work and fam­ily val­ues?

Af­ter a few days, the sub­ject is still in the news. I re­al­ized that these so-called Jewish haters most likely are of Chris­tian up­bring­ing. Re­gard­less of these haters’ re­li­gious back­ground, it is pure ig­no­rance to lash out at in­no­cent peo­ple who are in a place of wor­ship with lit­tle chil­dren in a de­fense­less and harm­less state. How God­less can a de­hu­man­ized be­ing act?

I only pon­der on an ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion. None came to mind other than my own per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence, grow­ing up in a very close-minded Catholic and ig­no­rant home en­vi­ron­ment that lacked out­side in­flu­ences other than what­ever was passed on through other re­li­gious peo­ple, priests and nuns. Mostly were pam­phlets with pic­ture of Je­sus cru­ci­fied in an ex­cru­ci­at­ing pose and writ­ten prayers.

Af­ter 30 to 40 years, it is now clear that these pic­ture and words of “the Jewish did it” — that these peo­ple were and are de­mo­nized in­ad­ver­tently through the scrip­tures, and I dis­tinc­tively re­call be­ing scared at times when those words were re­peated with anger and a cer­tain long­ing for re­venge. To me, then it was just a myth and a story that had no longer rel­e­vance to to­day’s way of life. Forty years later, my feel­ings as a child were con­firmed by my own son, he was scared of those graphic scrip­tural pic­tures. My point is that as much as his­tory or re­li­gious teach­ings at­tempt to teach about God ver­sus the God­less, it be­seeches ha­tred by the fact that there is no ex­pla­na­tion nor un­der­stand­ing of the TRUE Je­sus.

Who is or was this man any­way? A right­eous Jewish man, re­jected by his own, for his bright­ness and sim­ple up­bring­ing. Did He hate his own for their re­jec­tion? NO, He loved them even more. He loved them so much as his broth­ers, sis­ters and chil­dren that He dare not lift a fin­ger against them. Rather, he chose to be a BUF­FER in a de­fense­less and in­no­cent man­ner that would awaken them to their con­science, that to this day the rip­ple ef­fect is and will never end. So why do we call our­selves Chris­tians? Je­sus never called Him­self Chris­tian, He taught in syn­a­gogues, preached per­fect­ing the Jewish teach­ings, which he did by ex­am­ple. LOVE GOD above all. CAN WE BE ONE WITH GOD, OR DO WE WANT TO BE ONE WITH EVIL? It is a choice.

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