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Switch sides, please

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DEARHELOIS­E » At our son’s re­cent wed­ding, my hus­band and I asked the bride’s par­ents if we could sit on the left side for the cer­e­mony while they sat on the right. That way, we could see our son’s face and not his back while they said their vows and ex­changed rings.

— Linda S., Papil­lion, Neb.

Paint­brush hint

DEARHELOIS­E » Need to leave off your paint job for a while? In­stead of clean­ing my paint­brush ev­ery time I need to stop paint­ing, I put the brush part into a zip­top bag, squeeze as much air out as pos­si­ble, then zip the bag up tightly with just the han­dle stick­ing out. When I’mready to pick up where I left off, the paint on my brush hasn’t dried out, and I’mall set to be­gin again.

— Mari­beth in N.C.

Speak­ing of paint­ing...

DEARHELOIS­E » When­ever I am try­ing to choose a new­color for a room I am­go­ing to paint, I paint the area un­der­neath one of my pic­tures hang­ing on the wall. It gives me a sam­pling of the color and I can cover itwith a pic­ture un­til I am­ready tomake my de­ci­sion and do the job.

— Nancy


Nail pol­ish

DEARHELOIS­E » I hope this email finds you well and safe. My lit­tle tip tomake nail pol­ish last longer is to keep it in the re­frig­er­a­tor. It will last for years there. Have a great day.

— Ju­dith via email Ju­dith, ac­cord­ing to the L’Ore­alUSA nail lab­o­ra­tory, “keep­ing nail pol­ishes in the fridge slows down the nor­mal pos­si­ble dis­col­oration and sol­vent evap­o­ra­tion of the pol­ish, which hap­pens as the pol­ish gets older.” It’s al­ways best to store nail pol­ish in a cool, dry place away from sun­light. So, while plac­ing your pol­ish in the re­frig­er­a­tor will help with dis­col­oration, it doesn’t ac­tu­ally help it last for years.


DEARHELOIS­E » Af­ter read­ing your col­umn to­day I de­cided to add to it.

I re­ceived an email from Dis­cover tellingme they had up­graded their website and I would need to changemy lo­gon and pass­word. I didNOT re­ply to the email but went to the website and was able to log on with­out chang­ing any­thing. It­was a scam try­ing to get me to di­vulge my info. So be care­ful. Al­ways pro­tect your­self and your iden­tity!

— Ter­ryG., Simi Val­ley, Calif.

Christ­mas card list

DEARHELOIS­E » Last year I took a pic­ture of each ad­dressed en­ve­lope from my Christ­mas card list. Af­ter­ward, I cre­ated an al­bum on Shut­ter­fly. Now I can eas­ily ac­cess, delete and add new ad­dresses to my list!

— Suz fromTexas

Mask hint

DEARHELOIS­E » To pro­tect my hair­dresser and­my­self dur­ing a hair­cut, I tuck the ear loops in­side the­mask and use sur­gi­cal tape to se­cure the sides of the­mask tomy face. It worked great.

— Bar­bara D., Dal­las, Ore­gon Bar­bara, the thin ear loops usu­ally don’t cause a prob­lem for most hair­dressers, but I like your sug­ges­tion as a nice al­ter­na­tive.

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