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Dear edi­tor:

A re­cent let­ter asked how Chris­tians could rec­on­cile their sup­port of Trump given his ac­tions — adul­tery, de­ceit, van­ity, ob­scen­ity, vul­gar­ity, the list goes on and on. The cou­ple of fee­ble at­tempts to an­swer that let­ter proved they can’t. Which is fine. Prob­a­bly go­ing back to Jimmy Carter — a truly de­cent man who proved a lack­lus­ter pres­i­dent — we haven’t had a per­son in the Oval Of­fice who acted Chris­tian in al­most four decades.

So if you sup­port Trump’s poli­cies, good — but don’t at­tempt to make ex­cuses for the man’s be­hav­ior. I es­pe­cially loved Don­ald Cun­ning­ham who rolled out the ol’ “Judge not lest ye be judged” re­but­tal. These same bib­li­cal cherry pick­ers such as he, Lloyd Hoff­man and Mary Robin­son, were scream­ing scrip­tures re­fer­ring to adul­tery when it came to Bill Clinton. Any­one can pick up a Bi­ble and find a ra­tio­nale.

Back to Trump, though, and why it’s hard to take him se­ri­ous and fright­en­ing when we ad­mit we have to: This is a grown man, elected pres­i­dent of the United States, who gets up at 5 a.m. to be­gin tweet­ing against his real and some­time imag­i­nary en­e­mies, this week call­ing one a “slimeball” among other things. This is the level of in­tel­lect and ma­tu­rity he has sunken this once no­ble of­fice to.

Now his Step­ford vot­ers like Hoff­man, Robin­son and Cun­ning­ham will tell you that’s “be­ing the most trans­par­ent” per­son to ever hold the of­fice. No, trans­parency doesn’t mean how much or loud you talk (or tweet), it means telling the truth, some­thing he’s failed at time and again. And in truth, his cab­i­net and staff turnover alone should tell (and frighten) all U.S. cit­i­zens that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s do­ing.

This week’s ex­am­ple: Loudly tweet­ing and boast­ing of an im­pend­ing mil­i­tary strike against strate­gic tar­gets in Syria. Folks, it doesn’t get any dumber than that. Let’s warn our en­emy in ad­vance we’re com­ing. That way they’ll have an op­por­tu­nity to move weapons, troops, equip­ment, etc.

I of­fer a sim­ple anal­ogy for any sup­porter of Trump to re­spond to (they won’t be able): Would you sup­port a strat­egy by our lo­cal drug task force of an­nounc­ing in pub­lic up­com­ing and pend­ing raids and ar­rests? Sound think­ing? An­thony Lloyd Hot Springs

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