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* Stuffed pep­pers bake nicely when put into the wells of a greased muf­fin tin.

* Won­der­ing which loan you should fo­cus on first in your debt-free strat­egy? Shoot for the one with the high­est in­ter­est rate, gen­er­ally. Or, if you’re the type who needs mo­ti­va­tion be­yond the knowl­edge that you are free­ing your­self fi­nan­cially, stack them small­est to largest. When you pay off the bal­ance on the small­est loan, fold that ex­tra pay­ment up to the next small­est loan and so on un­til you are debt-free!

* Tooth­paste is a mild abra­sive, and it’s suit­able to buff out small scratches in a CD. Just dab a bit on, rub lightly with a soft cloth and rinse.

* “Want a nice smelling ham­per? I give a cof­fee fil­ter a spritz of per­fume and put it in the bot­tom. There’s no bad smells in my closet, even with a ham­per full of work­out wear.”

– E.L. in South Carolina

* “Pickle juice: What is it good for? Lots! You can drink it if you have a mus­cle cramp, or in the sum­mer when it’s re­ally hot and you’re work­ing out to keep from get­ting de­hy­drated. But I some­times like lightly pick­led veg­gies (car­rots, cukes and pep­pers), so when I’m done with the last pickle, I pour the juice and some rough chopped veg­gies in a sauce­pot, bring it to a boil and put them right back in the pickle jar. Put it in the fridge, and you’ll have pick­led veg­gies in a few days!” – M.A. in Alabama (Be sure to

eat within a week!) * D.M. in New York writes: “If you are mak­ing choco­late cake, re­place the wa­ter in the recipe with an equal amount of choco­late syrup for a good, deep choco­late fla­vor.” Yummy! Or, just add a squirt to a box mix. That works, too. Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, 628 Vir­ginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.

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