Cre­at­ing my bucket list

Bucket List: per­form com­i­cal dance skit, be on Ellen DeGeneres TV show, and do im­pres­sion of fry­ing ba­con

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On our date night, maybe two years ago, my hus­band and I de­cided to start a bucket list. I think each of us might have placed two things on our list, ended up chatting about them, and never got any farther. To­day, I de­cided to start again and this time I was go­ing to fin­ish it.

Dur­ing my teen years, it was the jitterbug that was the rage. Once Harry and I were mar­ried, we re­al­ized we both still loved to dance. As we aged, I told him I’d like us to prac­tice some kind of com­i­cal dance skit. He’d be the straight man and I’d do all the fun stuff. I said we could think of lots of move­ments to a jitterbug song. We’d be the “talk of Kutz­town” at all the Se­nior Cit­i­zen groups. He still wor­ries about his bones get­ting bro­ken. Hm­mmf, I’m the one do­ing all the work. All he has to do is stand there.

I’d very much like to be on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show and I fig­ured out how to do it. Re­cently, I read the book, “How not to act like a Lit­tle Old Lady,” by Mary McHugh.

In one chap­ter she talks about her jour­nal­ist days. Her and a num­ber of jour­nal­ists flew to Scot­land to cover a Scotch Whisky Tour. Dur­ing the day they went to a num­ber of dis­til­leries tak­ing notes and ask­ing ques­tions, most times hav­ing a taste of scotch.

One night they were in­vited to a party at a Scot­tish dis­tiller. At some point, the host stated, “We’ve en­ter­tained our Amer­i­can guests, and now we’d like them to en­ter­tain us.”

It turns out Mary, dur­ing the day, un­for­tu­nately had an­nounced to her friends that she does an im­pres­sion of ba­con fry­ing. Just then the host called, “Mary McHugh will now do her im­pres­sion of ba­con fry­ing.”

She states, she had no shame, went up on stage in a “nice dress, stock­ings, high heels, and wear­ing pearls.” She then lay down on the floor on her back, waited a minute, then started wig­gling one arm to the other, and on down the body to the legs. In the end her whole body wig­gled as the “ba­con shriv­eled up and fin­ished cool­ing.”

She states she was con­grat­u­lated through the evening about her ba­con im­pres­sion.

This year (2017), at our fam­ily Christmas gath­er­ing, my four great grand­chil­dren and my­self will do the im­pres­sion of “ba­con fry­ing.” (Don’t tell any­one in my fam­ily. It’s a sur­prise!)

I’m go­ing to have some­one video the “ba­con fry­ing,” place it on Face­book to go vi­ral. At some point, Ellen DeGeneres staff will see it and in­vite me and my great-grand­chil­dren to her show.

The last item on my bucket list has to do with a card game, “Pig and Hog” that my mother taught us as young­sters. We know Mom made it up, no such card game was ever on the mar­ket.

It’s played with Flinch cards and the idea is to grad­u­ate from a pig to hog sta­tus. We had so much fun with this game, even with belly laughs on the kitchen floor. I al­ways felt it should go on the mar­ket. With my sis­ter, Gla­dys’ help, I wrote up the rules. In July 1982, we got a patent for “Pig and Hog.” It turned out Gla­dys and I had no idea how to go about sell­ing this card game to toy mak­ers. The patent is still sit­ting in my file folder. I’d still love to see it in toy stores, as a gift to all chil­dren, in mem­ory of Mom.

How about my read­ers. What’s on your bucket list?

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