Cedar­town man apologizes for DUI

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To the cit­i­zens and com­mu­nity of Cedar­town Ge­or­gia,

My name is Robert Michael Deems, most call me Mike. I was raised and lived in Rome, Ga. for all of my life un­til I be­gan to work here in Cedar­town over 5 years ago.

Soon af­ter start­ing work at Geo Spe­cialty Chem­i­cals, I moved here. I have be­came to love this city and ab­so­lutely love liv­ing here and call­ing Cedar­town my home. The com­mu­nity here is com­pletely awe­some and ev­ery­one here seems to care about one an­other.

I’ve never seen any com­mu­nity be as much in­volved with ev­ery­thing that goes on here. To me, it feels just like one big fam­ily. I love my job, this town, and the at­mos­phere. How­ever, my heart is very heavy. On May 19, 2017, I per­formed the most self­ish act that I’ve ever per­formed in my en­tire life. I took a day off work to play in a golf tour­na­ment at Meadow Lakes Golf Course.

I en­joyed the tour­na­ment very much and had a lot of fun. The tour­na­ment lasted un­til af­ter 5 p. m., and through­out the day, I drank sev­eral beers.

When it came time to go home, I thought “I’m not that drunk, I’m not wob­bling around, I can make it home.”

I only lived a cou­ple of miles from the course, surely I could make it.

When I started head­ing home, in­stead of go­ing through the by­pass, I chose to go through town. I got all the way through Cedar­town, right in front of Ace Hard­ware ( a quar­ter mile from my house).

That’s when ev­ery­thing changed for me.

I looked down just af­ter cross­ing the rail­road track, when I looked up, I was com­ing up on the back end of van. I mashed my breaks has hard as I could but to no avail.

I went up un­der the bumper and hit the back wheels of the van to­tally my car, I then came to a stop in the other lane of on-com­ing traf­fic, where an at­ten­tive driver came to a stop just in front of my car.

I re­ceived a DUI for my self­ish act, and I am still await­ing the court date.

The last sev­eral days has been the hard­est on my mind, and es­pe­cially my heart.

I woke this morn­ing in tears to what I had done and mostly for what I could have done. To­day, I am writ­ing this let­ter to the cit­i­zens and com­mu­nity of Cedar­town Ge­or­gia, and to any­one who had been driv­ing through Cedar­town at that time. I want to say to all of you that you will never know how sorry I am for do­ing that to this com­mu­nity that I love very much.

I thank God that the only car hurt in this ac­ci­dent was mine ( that’s a mir­a­cle in it­self) and that ab­so­lutely no one was hurt. My heart aches for what could have hap­pen.

I could have been killed or some­one else could have, I could have to­taled some­one else’s car but mine. And for that pos­si­bil­ity, I’m glad it didn’t but I’m sorry to city of Cedar­town and peo­ple who re­side here.

There is one thing you can count on from me, it will never hap­pen again! It’s im­pos­si­ble be­cause I will never touch al­co­hol again.

I’m mak­ing that vow to my­self, this com­mu­nity, and to the great God of heaven. I’ve sur­ren­dered my heart back to him be­cause I’ve been run­ning for nearly ten years.

He sparred me and stepped in and saved not only my life, but the life of ev­ery­one I passed as I was try­ing to get home.

No one ask me to do this, it was on my heart to. So to the com­mu­nity of Cedar­town and all the cit­i­zens from young to old, I truly love it here and I am ask­ing this for your for­give­ness and hope you will.

No other place I’d rather be than in Cedar­town, Ge­or­gia! It’s the great­est. From my heart! Robert Michael Deems,

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