Igle­sias is new com­mis­sioner

Jose Igle­sias is se­lected unan­i­mously to take over the Dis­trict 1 seat in Polk County.

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A new mem­ber of the Polk County Com­mis­sion will be tak­ing their seat when it comes time to hold the Oc­to­ber work ses­sion, and his name is Jose Igle­sias.

Igle­sias was se­lected via a unan­i­mous 4-0 vote to take over the Dis­trict 1 seat in Polk County dur­ing the Sept. 12 Board of Com­mis­sioner meet­ing fol­low­ing a month-long ap­pli­ca­tion process, a Ques­tion and An­swer ses­sion, and fi­nally came to­gether to se­lect one of among 8 can­di­dates who orig­i­nally put their names up for con­sid­er­a­tion.

Igle­sias, owner of Taxes de Amer­ica tax prepa­ra­tion ser­vice in Cedar­town, also sits on the Cedar­town Plan­ning Com­mis­sion and is a mem­ber of the Lead Polk Class of 2017, couldn’t quite believe he’d been picked among the other can­di­dates up for the job.

He said that he in­tended to work to­ward be­ing a Com­mis­sioner who brings oth­ers to­gether on a board he said is al­ready a “great team.”

“I want to be the uni­fier,” Igle­sias said. “I want to be able to look to the fu­ture and not to the past.

“We need to over­look our dif­fer­ences and try to high­light the best that each has to of­fer.”

Though he said he’ll con­sider any is­sue that comes be­fore the county an im­por­tant one, he did say he felt that one in par­tic­u­lar he said would be among his first to fo­cus on was con­tracts, specif­i­cally the one in­volv­ing the Polk County Land­fill with Waste In­dus­tries.

“I know that the is­sue with the land­fill comes up reg­u­larly. In the de­bate, I said that we need to be smarter when we’re en­ter­ing into con­tracts. Make sure that we are pro­tected with the word­ing and the lan­guage in there, and if the county has an at­tor­ney, we need to make sure that the con­tracts are well writ­ten, just in case some­one de­faults… or like in this case we have an is­sue that needs to be cor­rected. Con­tracts would be one of them. But I know there are a lot of is­sues that need equal at­ten­tion.”

Igle­sias’ ap­point­ment to the board makes him the first His­panic to serve as a Polk County Com­mis­sioner. He said he hoped his ap­point­ment would bring with it the op­por­tu­nity to rep­re­sent both the grow­ing di­ver­sity among the pop­u­la­tion in Polk County.

“I want to be able to rep­re­sent the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity we have here in Polk County, that we need to be able to em­brace,” he said. “Once we em­brace this com­mu­nity, we’re go­ing to have in­vestors who are go­ing to be com­ing here to in­vest in this com­mu­nity and cre­ate an eco­nomic op­por­tu­nity for this county.”

He added that by rep­re­sent­ing every­one in Dis­trict 1, he is also well aware of all those peo­ple who have come be- fore to make the county what it is to­day.

“Mak­ing sure that we hold onto the past, mak­ing sure we don’t for­get about what has al­ready been done and the peo­ple that are al­ready here, that we have to trea­sure,” he said. “But we need to look to the fu­ture and what great things are com­ing for this county.”

Com­mis­sion chair Marshelle Thax­ton said he was thank­ful he and his fel­low mem­bers of the board came to a unan­i­mous de­ci­sion on a can­di­date and that it didn’t to go to the next step, a de­ci­sion by the Grand Jury cur­rently em­pan­elled.

“Ab­so­lutely,” Thax­ton said. “There’s no telling who we would have ended up with if we went into the Grand Jury process. And that’s noth­ing against the Grand Jury. Its just that I’m glad that we were able to come to­gether choose a per­son who will be a fine ad­di­tion to us, and he’ll work very hard. He’ll get him­self in­formed. I think that he’ll be an as­set to this board.”

Among those who ap­plied for the po­si­tion with Igle­sias was Bobby Brooks, De­wain Camp­bell, Cleve Hart­ley, David McEl­wee, Gary Martin, Har­land Moody and Car­son Tan­ner.

McEl­wee with­drew his name from con­sid­er­a­tion just be­fore the start of tonight’s com­mis­sion meet­ing af­ter he ac­cepted a new job. He said it would re­quire him to travel and spend more time away from Polk County than he wanted.

Jose Igle­sias

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