The Taos News - Dining Out : 2019-12-05

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Christmas (the New Mexican favorite featuring both red and green chile sauce side-by-side). They are stuffed with meat of choice, scrambled eggs and home fries, which many folks halve, taking the rest home for later. Also bestseller­s are the generous buttermilk biscuits that come with everything. Other favorites are the Charles Breakfast Burrito (named after a local 18 years ago) or Copper John’s Eggs (named after copper artist John Nettles). But hands down, the homemade corned beef hash is by far one of the most popular plates. Try pairing it with eggs overeasy and mix it all up. Delish! Frequently chosen for Best of Taos awards the Taos Diner I at 908 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, was originally bought by the Powell’s in 2004. Taos Diner I is located on the north side of Taos, a couple driveways from the Taos Pueblo traffic light on Paseo del Pueblo Norte. Taos Diner II opened in 2010, at 216 Paseo del Pueblo Sur on the south side of town, just up from Smith’s Food & Drug. Both places serve breakfast, lunch and brunch, from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day of the week. Annie Powell maintains the diners’s popularity is, of course, the great food but more than that it’s the employees. “They’re the rock stars over there. They pretty much run the whole thing,” she said. Taos Diner I’s longtime favorite employees include Robert Lujan (a waiter who started 14 years ago, when he was 13), and Kristin Gossner, who’s been there 17 years – “Forever. It’s embarrassi­ng,” she said of being a fixture at the original Taos Diner. Gossner’s son, Victor Jacquot, just started bussing and is a bright and shining addition to Diner I. Lujan likes the Diner because of the good vibe and the fact you can order anything you want from good ’n’ greasy to healthy and organic. Another big plus at the north side Diner I is Annie’s Taos Market located next door, featuring a wide range of organic and locally sourced meats and produce. Employee Melissa Winters at the southside Taos Diner II said the food is fab. “I not only work here, I eat here,” she said happily. Besides organic coffees on tap in both Taos Diners, you’ll also find cold brew coffee. A few years back they added homemade kimchi and Dragonfly baked goods from the ovens of everyone’s favorite local baker Karen Todd. But that is not to diminish the popularity of Priscilla “The Cinnamon Roll Lady” Marcus’ gigantic cinnamon rolls. (Lujan swears Priscilla is his grandma — she said she’s everyone’s grandma). The rolls have been a success for more than two decades and are still a local fave. 51 TA O S M E N U S . C O M

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