God can make the im­pos­si­ble pos­si­ble

The Times Herald (Norristown, PA) - - LIVING RELIGION - Writen by Cather­ine Galasso- Vig­orito

In the Old Tes­ta­ment of the Bi­ble, I read that when the Is­raelites were wan­der­ing through the desert on their way to the Promised Land, God fed them by pro­vid­ing the peo­ple with manna. Each day, ex­cept on the Sab­bath, God sent this mirac­u­lous food. “When the dew fell upon the camp in the night, the manna fell with it.” (Num­bers 11:9).

The peo­ple were in­structed to gather as much manna as they wanted, for it would never run out. Yet, other than on the day be­fore the Sab­bath, the peo­ple were not al­lowed to stock up on the manna. They were to gather just enough for their daily needs. Then, the day af­ter the Sab­bath, the peo­ple could col­lect more. By meet­ing their needs daily, rather than weeks in ad­vance, God taught His peo­ple to trust Him.

Are you wor­ried, fear­ful or un­cer­tain about the days ahead? Is there some­thing in your life that you need help to get be­yond? Or, have you re­cently ex­pe­ri­ence an un­fair sit­u­a­tion?

As God wanted His peo­ple to trust Him, I be­lieve that God is say­ing to you to­day: “Trust me.” Right now, He is suc­cess­fully work­ing things out on your be­half. For God did not lead the peo­ple out of Egypt for them to per­ish in the wilder­ness. And God has not led you this far on your jour­ney to just leave you stranded or to give up on you now.

So put your hope in God. Trust and be­lieve that He is with you. “Ask, seek, knock,” (Matthew 7:7) and pray for His help and guid­ance. Con­tinue mov­ing for­ward, do­ing the best that you can, liv­ing a life of truth, honor and ex­cel­lence. Soon, you will see His great power and love for you re­vealed.

A while back, I heard a mem­o­rable story that was pur­ported to be true. It was about a group of sol­diers who were in a com­bat zone. But one of the young sol­diers be­came sep­a­rated from the group. He found him­self in a dense,

A NEW YOU rocky and heav­ily wooded area. And all alone, the sol­dier heard the fre­netic foot­steps of the enemy troops in the dis­tance.

Quickly, the sol­dier kept climb­ing up the hilly ter­rain try­ing to get away, and he saw a few small, dark­ened caves.

“Maybe I can hide in one of those...” the sol­dier de­lib­er­ated. There was no time to con­sider any other op­tion, as the enemy was trudg­ing to­ward him. With­out de­lay, the sol­dier bent down and wrig­gled into the murky cav­ity of the cave.

Safe within the cave, he let out a sigh of relief. Then, lis­ten­ing in­tently, he heard the enemy troops. Louder and louder, they were pro­gres­sively get­ting closer.

“Please, God,” the young sol­dier prayed, “help and pro­tect me.” He bowed his head, “But what­ever your will is though, I ac­cept, for I trust in You.”

Sit­ting as qui­etly as pos­si­ble, the sol­dier waited in the cave with a sense of peace, be­liev­ing that, “Ev­ery­thing was go­ing to be al­right.”

With an up­ward glance, the sol­dier then saw a lit­tle spi­der crawl­ing on the top of the cave. He watched as the spi­der spun a strong strand of silk. And then another and another. Mirac­u­lously, the spi­der be­gan build­ing a large web over the en­tire open­ing of the cave.

Nearby, the enemy troops were search­ing one cave af­ter the other. How­ever, as a troop mem­ber slowly passed by the cave in which the sol­dier was hiding, he saw the spi­der web.

“There is no one in there,” he called out. “Let's go,” he mum­bled to the troops.

Sub­se­quently, the enemy moved on, and the sol­dier was com­pletely safe. God made a way of es­cape, for a sim­ple spi­der's web be­came a wall of pro­tec­tion. “… God is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.” (Proverbs 30:5).

Maybe you, like this young sol­dier, are con­fronted with an un­fore­seen chal­lenge. Now, you just don't know what to do next. Life has be­come com­pli­cated, and you could feel like throw­ing your hands up in the air and say­ing, “I've had enough,” and “For­get it.”

But if the Hand of God could di­rect a tiny spi­der to pro­tect a sol­dier in that rocky ter­rain, think about all the ways and the means that God can help you. Re­gard­less of what has taken place, God's good plan for you has not been dis­re­garded. Thus, do not be dis­cour­aged or give in to sad­ness, worry or doubt. Tune out the neg­a­tive thoughts or com­ments and let go of ev­ery­thing that's hold­ing you back. Place the un­fair cir­cum­stances in God's Hands and; with pos­i­tive ex­pec­ta­tion, joy and pur­pose; pro­ceed on­ward to­ward suc­cess. “Com­mit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act.” (Psalm 37:5).

You can over­come what you face and emerge tri­umphant. God is right be­side you, and He is about to do some­thing ex­tra­or­di­nary in your fu­ture. Mo­ments of chal­lenge will be trans­formed into re­mark­able vic­to­ries. Prob­lems will be turned into new pos­si­bil­i­ties. Wrongs will re­sult in right. Be­lieve there are new bless­ings in the days to come. You're strong, gifted and com­pe­tent. You have a bright fu­ture, so don't quit.

To­day, think back to a time in your life when you thought, “Any­thing is pos­si­ble.” … It still is. It's just a mat­ter of time, and all of a sud­den, sit­u­a­tions will all come to­gether for you. This could be the day or the week that you re­ceive your mir­a­cle.

There­fore, in the morn­ing, wake up and de­clare, “Won­der­ful bless­ings are go­ing to hap­pen,” and then go out and en­joy each pre­cious day, singing the words of the song by Don Moen: “God will make a way Where there seems to be no way

He works in ways we can­not see and He will make a way for me.” Trust in Him. God can make the im­pos­si­ble… pos­si­ble.

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